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Top fashion trends for women to try after lockdown | HerVerve Tip

May 1, 2020

COVID19 has tested nearly every field, niche, and industry. Fashion is one of them too. 

Don’t we get bored only wearing our pajamas and shorts! 

Well, you might be feeling the pain. Don’t you!

You might be baffled with the thought of what might be trending in apparel fashion for women during a lockdown? Most of you might have imagined their favorite shorts, nightdresses, or pajamas, right! 

Yes, your printed shorts, plain nightdresses, and quirky pajamas are in trend today. But that’s not going to be the case till June (hopefully!). 

The lockdown will come to an end (fingers crossed). And when it does, fashion-thirsty girls are going to get the fashion trend ON and woo you with their beautiful looks. 

I know it’s tough to imagine, but there are numerous fashion trends that are going to influence each one of you. Read on learn about these trends and what HerVerve suggests you purchase in order to be part of these trends:

Summer Casuals 

Oh yeah! The summer is here, bitches! 

If you’re in the Green Zone, you’re already allowed to roam around. But all in all, it would take a month (by June/July) when all of us might get a chance to go out to our relatives, casual meetups, or attend a marriage with less than 50 people in it. 

What do you plan to wear while you go out for a casual meet up? 

Well, if it’s summers, you are going to choose the traditional bright printed dresses or a brighter top/blouse. Right!


HerVerve Suggestion:  Nicely fitted tops and blouses with cotton slacks or denim can be the option for women to wear to the office. Dresses and skirts can also add to the variety.

Street Smart Casuals 

The Quarantine period has juiced out all our activities. After lockdown, you would naturally feel like showcasing the positive energy and optimism through your clothes. Right!

Well, Street Smart Casuals are what I am talking about. 

As per the latest surfing of celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas Instagram account; it was noticed one street style fashion trend standing out from the crowd: surgical face masks. 

But of course, these aren’t just your common masks, which are theoretically worn to both help stop the spread of the virus and prevent you from catching it.

Well yeah, along with the street smart casuals, you got to have a Trendy Face Masks as well. 

Footwear Alternatives

Footwear appends the final touch to the outfit. For women, flats are more convenient and practical (especially in summers) than heels while at work. In fact, most of my girlfriends choose flats over wedges and heels while going on a casual date as well. 

Platform heels work the best for working women as they are stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Also, wedges look chic and alluring without being over the top.


Bags To Carry 

Woo woo…The wooing accessory!  


Handbags or clutches are just LOVE, aren’t they girls?

For women, the ideal tote bags are large enough to get you through a workday as they tend to consume half your stuff. It can have a neoprene water bottle sheath, a phone pocket, pen clip, padded laptop sheath, notebook or tablet sleeve with magnetic closure, and interior side pocket.

I firmly believe that tote bags were invented for summers only. They look just so sassy in brighter light and are handy to carry as well. 

That’s it from my post COVID19 fashion ideas for you gal! 

I have full faith that you’re gonna rock it post-lockdown. 

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us, tag HerVerve on your social media, so that I too can appreciate your look! 


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