Top 5 Face Mask Brands to make a Fashion Statement 

July 14, 2020

Wearing a mask is the new normal. 

With the CoronaVirus spreading like wildfire, the mask on our face has become a symbol of a fight we have put up against it. A few months ago anyone wearing a mask on their face would draw a lot of stares and attention and now the mask has become an essential part of a regular outfit and everyone is wearing it as a reminder of the strange times we live in. 

However, even though the virus has almost spread across the globe in the far distinct corners people are not aware of the protection that the mask provides, some opt for wearing a scarf around their face while some just choose to cover their mouths with their T-shirt. While the governments around the world start to ease down the lockdowns for people to start socializing and mingling the mask is vital protection from the virus.

What Face Masks should you wear?


 With the confirmed COVID-19 cases increasing exponentially every day many health institutions have been recommending wearing masks in public areas. Governments in many countries have mandated wearing a mask while venturing into any public place. The World Health Organization guidelines clearly state that one has to wear masks in places where social distancing is not possible. 


N95 masks, which are the most effective and if fits properly can filter 95% of the particles from inhaling in. While there is a lack of surgical masks and front-liners like doctors and nurses are not equipped to fight against the pandemic and the increasing number of cases are risking their lives due to this shortage. 


The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked the general public to not use surgical masks and opt for using more fabric masks that will protect them from coming to contact with the virus and also save more for the medical professionals who have higher chances to contract the virus. 


The Efficiency of Facemasks: 


Since the coronavirus is dormant in nature and people who have contracted it do not necessarily show symptoms immediately it can spread between people interacting in close proximity like talking, sneezing, coughing. There have been multiple studies that show that masks are deemed necessary for people who are in public settings to control a significant transmission of the virus. 


World Health Organization (WHO) says that “a mask provides a barrier for potentially infectious droplets in areas where physical distancing of at least one meter is not possible.” A key point in many countries that have managed to flatten the curve of the rising cases of coronavirus was largely contributed by people wearing a face mask in public places. 


Face masks being the new normal, we can not do anything but wear them. So why not wear them in style. With the increasing numbers of active cases every day, running errands and grocery shopping have been the only time you are out of your house so look fashionable and make a statement with stylish, reusable, and good quality face masks. Few of our favorites are as follows: 


  • Vastramay masks: It is a cotton blend mask for any gender. Comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. This cloth based fabric is soft on your skin while it keeps you away from germs and pollution.  The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention advises that if these masks are worn right they prevent the virus from transmitting to others from people who may have the infection and keep you from contracting the virus as well. They also prevent you from touching your face and covering while you sneeze or cough. 


  • Asian hyper protection mask: these are washable and reusable masks which are engineered with a 6 layer triple protection and filtration system. This facemask is perfect for all weather conditions and is ISO certified. The Asian Hyper protection masks use materials that are approved and specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. 


  • Tjori Medical grade N95 mask: these masks from Tjori are lightweight, foldable, comfortable, and easy to carry around. These masks are Medical-grade N95 masks which are an ideal choice to combat the pandemic. These masks have 99% efficiency of bacteria filtration and are made with the best quality of cotton found making it easier to breathe in them. They come in a variety of colors and prints that you can choose from. High-quality face masks with adjustable nose pins for the perfect fit. These masks provide a 5 layer protection and can be used multiple times. 


  • Urban Yogi Face masks: Face masks that are made from 100% cotton. These masks protect you from pollution, dust, sand, and any foreign particles that are not safe for you. These lightweight face masks assure comfortable breathing and wider coverage for maximum protection. If you are someone who wears spectacles you know the pain of fogging due to wearing a face mask this one assures minimal eyewear fogging and low heat built up. They also come with soft elastic ear loops for extra comfort.  


  • Soxytoes Face mask: if you are looking for a funky and fun face mask this is the right place for you. Soxytoes have a variety of masks with quotes that are relatable and help you make a statement with your face masks. These are uber cool masks which are 100% safe to use and do not tug at your ears. Made with fine weave cotton and treated with silver-based anti viral infusions, these masks are perfect and breathable. Their mission is to stay cool and safe with their 4 ply triple-layer protection masks. 


There has been enough research done to say that masks do not completely stop the infection from spreading but they do affect the transmission of the virus. Masks are now essential to an outfit like a pant or a shirt. You cannot ignore the importance of a mask in these times. While there are many companies and reputed brands that have ventured into producing masks to help control the spread of coronavirus these are few of our favorites. Do let us know which one is yours! 


Stay safe and protected and If you are going out  Don’t forget to wear a mask! 


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