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Top 10 Minimalist Tattoo Ideas All Girls Should Swear By

March 22, 2020

Who said tattoos have to be large to make an impact? 

In fact, today, it’s the smaller tattoos that are trending and attracting attention, especially for women. 

Although small tattoos might appear to be dainty and discreet, but this body artwork is actually elegant and has a strong influence on your personality. 

From gorgeously intricate floral designs to bold symbols and quotes, the internet is literally flooded with options for you. No matter if it’s your first or second time getting inked, you must spend your sweet time researching for the most appropriate design. 

That said, we’ve lightened your workload ladies as below we’ve narrowed down some really amazing minimalist tattoo designs. So, scroll down for some inspiration! 

#1. Lettering

Source: Pinterest

There’s nothing more attractive than something meaningful written on your wrist. Isn’t it? Besides, typical cursive font in the same also looks really pretty!   

While “Agape” is a Greco-Christian term that refers to the “highest form of love, charity” and the “love for man of god and of man for god”, you can choose exactly this or something that inspires you and makes you happy. 


#2. Pet Love

Source: Tattoos Print

Isn’t this just the best way to showcase your love towards your little mate? 

We believe so too. 

So, all the pet mommies out there, go ahead and get this minimalist yet cute design inked on your hand today!


#3. Self-Love

Source: Pinterest 

The heart is obviously symbolic of love. However, when combined with a semi-colon, this artwork reminds the wearer to love themselves each day, no matter the situation. So, get set, and indulge in some self-love ladies! 

P.S. It looks best on your wrist, back, or even ankle. 


#4. Branches 

Source: Pinterest 

A teeny tiny olive branch is trending a lot these days. Get it etched on just above your elbow or maybe even on your thigh. And, the next thing you know, people turning heads wherever you go! 


#5. The Daisy

Source: Askideas

Are you someone who just loves and adores flowers? If yes, why not get them tattooed! 

Yes, minimalist floral prints like these are so in and trust us, people have been going gaga over them. 

And, especially if you have one on your collarbone, you are sure to take your sexy quotient up a notch.


#6. The Typical Rose 

Source: Pinterest 

Here’s one of the most beautiful tattoos of the trending floral design. It’s completely feminine, boasts of all the right colours, and the leaves and stem are so brilliantly designed. Well, isn’t it just perfect? 

So, decorate your body with such creativity today! 


#7. The Wanderer

Source: This is Tattoo 

Believe us or not, but, this tattoo has taken the world by a storm, especially all the wanderers out there. 

All the travel aficionados have been getting the world map etched on their body and most of the dedicated ones get it coloured each time they check a destination off their bucket list. 

Exciting right? 

So, go get inked and imagine how beautiful your tattoo will look once with all those vivid colours filled in! 


#8. The Constellation

Source: Tattoo Filter

Let’s admit it: Tattoos are incomplete without a mix of astrology in them! 

Constellation tattoos are one of the most common tattoos that people get today. All you need is to just tell your sun sign to the tattoo artist and he’ll etch the unique constellation on your body. 

Not only do they look elegant but are classics! 



Source: Medium 

Give yourself a message with these one-two word tattoos. They are so tantalizing and hit the bull’s eye while being minimalistic. 

The best part about them? These look great almost everywhere, from the back of your neck to the outer edge of your ear and even around your finger. 


#10. The Sun and the Moon

Source: Gumtoo

This tattoo is famous amongst lovers and couples because of its really beautiful meaning. Together, he sun and the moon are symbolic of harmony, wholeness, and balance. 

While sun represents masculinity, the moon represents feminine energy. 

So, all the couples out there, get inked with these same set of tattoos and flaunt them right away! 


Now that you have a complete list of the 10 best minimalistic tattoos that are stealing everyone’s attention and hearts these days, pick your favourite one amongst them and get inked today. We wish you a safe and happy etching!  

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