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Top 10 Fashion Content Creators In India | Must-Follow On Instagram

July 21, 2020

Influencer marketing in India sees it’s all-time high at the moment. The 21st century saw its rise in the face of digitalization, leading to the growth of social media, which has produced some influential personalities. 

The rise of social media has given many influencers a platform to showcase their art, create authentic and original artwork which leads them to have a massive following. They are known for their up to date fashion sense that inspires many thousands of people to pull off the latest trends with confidence. 

Their creativity, approach, and knowledge in fashion have made a presence in the realm of digitalization and made it to the wall of fame. These bloggers have taken beauty and fashion to a whole new level. To Do It Yourself videos, lifestyle videos, and fashion hauls these content creators have established a vast network, created an impressive profile, and showcased credibility in their content which both brands and audiences desire. 

Here’s a list of top 10 fashion influencers in India: 

  1. Santoshi Shetty:  She has set the threshold for many budding influencers in social media. Creative and glamorous are synonymous with Santoshi Shetty. She has a groovy and sensual personality which is captivating. Thousands of people admire her immaculate sense of style. Her knowledge of design and art comes through in her outfits, which makes her outstanding from the rest. 

Her crowning creativity and sense of fashion have added wings to her profile with 709k followers on Instagram.


2. Ashna Shroff: She is known for her unique and high-quality content. She started as a blogger in the year 2009, following which she also started a youtube channel slowly building her follower base. Her impeccable sense of fashion and expertise in beauty has made her one of the top content creators in fashion. Her look books, makeup tutorials show the amount of hard work she has put in. 

Ashna Shroff is the founder of The Snob Journal and has a whopping 777k followers on Instagram. 


3.Komal Pandey: A fashion Content Creator with a massive following of 1 million on Instagram. Komal Pandey has reinvented fashion and the way that people look at it with her Instagram series called #fashion therapy. She believes fashion to be therapeutic and creates looks that are modern, bold, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.    


4. Juhi Godambe: An entrepreneur and a fashion Diva, whose voguish attitude has been on top of the game. Juhi Godambe makes any outfit look like couture with her impeccable sense of fashion. She is the founder and owner of a fashion brand “Arabella.” Her chic style, the enthusiasm for fitness and beauty has set the bar high. Her huge fan base is a clear indication of her significant contribution to fashion, and her loyal fanbase of 403k on Instagram stands by it. 


5. Kritika Khurana: Her unique sense of fashion gives a bohemian vibe, and she is popularly known as “Thatbohogorl” she makes sure that everything is on point from her eyeliner to her shoes. An advocate of Body Positivity Kritika Khurana has not limited herself to fashion but uses her huge fan base to spread awareness on body positivity and mental health. Her fashion recommendations, beauty secrets, and travel videos have gathered her a massive following of 872k followers on Instagram. 

6. Riya Jain: Popularly known as Caught in a cuff, she has gained quite a lot of recognition over the years. Her fashion sense, blended with her creativity is sure to turn some heads and make a statement. She has collaborated with popular brands around the world and is known for her quirky and chic sense of style. She has landed on this list with a massive following of 317k followers on Instagram. 


7. Masoom Minawala: She is one of the leading Indian Fashion Influencers in the world. Now, based on Europe, Masoom is the founder of Miss style Fiesta which focuses on outfit inspirations and trend reports. She has worked with many luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, and many more. She has a massive following of 682k followers on Instagram. 


8. Aakriti Rana: A viral content creator among the youth, who is making a positive impact on social media. She is known for her out of the box, creative fashion videos engaging people from all walks of life. She believes that influencers can act as a medium to make people aware of the latest trends. A minimalist, and is inclined towards traveling around the globe. She has got a humongous following of 670k followers on Instagram. 


9. Roshni Bhatia: She is AKA The Chique Factor. A mother, a YouTuber who has a unique sense of style. Her inspirational story has motivated many mom bloggers to start a journey of their own. No matter what age you are, it isn’t a barrier to follow your passion. Her chic style stands out in a crowd. She creates videos related to beauty, fitness, lifestyle, and of course, Fashion. She stands on this list with an enormous following of 369k followers on Instagram. 

10. Scheherazade Shroff: She is as candid as it gets, and still comes off as a diva in her way. A model turned content creator Scheherazade Shroff AKA Sherry Shroff is a confident woman who keeps it real, with no makeup, and has a contemporary athletic sense of fashion that makes her stand out in a crowd. She creates beauty and fashion content on her Youtube with 241k followers on Instagram. 

Some upcoming fashion bloggers who have made their presence felt on social media: 

  • Devlina Bhattacharya: Her vintage aesthetic and beautiful pictures showcase her love for art and fashion. The recent recreations of famous paintings on her profile have been the talk of the town for a while.  Her army stands strong at 47k followers and counting on Instagram. 

  • Prerna Panda: A law graduate turned content creator, who beholds an impeccable sense of fashion that brings out her fierce and carefree attitude. Prerna Panda spreads awareness on mental health and uses her platform to inspire youth from all around, to fuel their passion, and follow their dreams.  Standing strong at 31K followers on Instagram she is here to stay and make her presence felt. 

  • Vaishali Srivastav: A bold sense of fashion that makes heads turn. She has worked with many popular brands and is slowly making her way to becoming a famous face in the world of social media. 

  • Kajal Sharma: Her blog Herverve covers fashion, beauty, design, food, and travel. She has a very different take on fashion which is aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Peri Brahma: Her Instagram profile looks like a painting, with beautiful makeup looks, fashion lookbooks, and travel images. Her out of the box and aesthetic profile is cumulative of a modern contemporary vibe that fits her personality. With a following of 41k followers on Instagram, She is climbing the ladder one step at a time. 

Content creating is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires creativity, authenticity, management skills to influence people. 

These influencers possess all these qualities and much more, which makes them a favorite of brands and audiences. 

A dedicated follower base, high-quality content, and organic engagement bring power to social media and who does it better than these popular Fashion Content Creators. 

Comment below who is your favorite!  

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