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This women’s day I took the pledge to honor women, Did you? | Hundredplus Initiative

March 9, 2020

This Women’s Day we ask you to pledge for their growth and safety!

International Women’s day was celebrated on 8th March, but did you take the pledge to for Women’s safety and growth! 

Well, the Ministry of Women & Child Development along with the support of the Government of India is asking every citizen of the country to solemnly pledge to honour and respect the diverse role of women. 

So, do you too want to take the pledge!

What do I have to do to take the pledge?

The process is quite simple; you need to visit hundredplus and click on the ‘Take Pledge’ button. 

You will have to enter the necessary details such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Pin code, State, and contact information such as email and mobile. 


The pledge will be as follows: 

I pledge

To uphold the dignity of women and girls at all times;

To stand up for women’s empowerment and gender equality;

To stand up for ending all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls;

To celebrate the girl child and not to differentiate between a boy and a girl;

To support the education of women and girls;

To respect for the equal rights of women and girls;

How will my pledge certificate look like? 



What is the government body behind this pledge?

MyGov is an innovative platform to build a partnership between the government and the citizens with the help of technology for the development and growth of the country.

The platform aims at encouraging the participation of citizens towards good governance by seeking their recommendations, suggestions, ideas, and gain their grassroots level contribution. 

With MyGov, the citizens can participate in this unique initiative of nation-building. 


Why should you participate in Hundredplus

Being a democracy of 1.37 billion citizens, MyGov offers a unique platform for each and every citizen to engage in participatory governance. Once you register in MyGov, you can get the opportunity to share your ideas and views on issues of public importance through discussions and also directly take part in various government initiatives through the tasks which are earmarked on this portal and address issues of public concern. 

Note: Since it’s a government body, you can be assured that your personal information or data entered will not be shared with any third party (public/private). Your information will be protected from misuse, loss, disclosure, alteration, unauthorized access, or destruction. Hundredplus is an authorized govt party site for this initiative.

So, when you have such a useful platform at your disposal, cast your opinion on the campaigns and let the government get a clear idea of what and how the citizens think about its policy initiatives. It will also further helo in the government’s decision making by gauging of public opinion. 

This WOMEN’S DAY takes a pledge to Honour and Respect the Women.


  • Please go through this above link and fill this form and take your pledge.


  • Click on the print button and save & share your certificate on social media  #Ipledge #HundredPlus


What is Hundredplus?

Hundredplus is an innovative platform introduced to increase the happiness index of India by reaching all the corners of the country. The founder of the platform ‘Gaurav Bansal’ aims at providing access to unlimited solutions by installing necessary enablers in the Retail Ecosystem. 

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