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The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online

February 23, 2020

The Indian economy is becoming more difficult by each passing day. Prices of nearly everything are getting doubled by each passing decade. And in such a tough economy, it is becoming challenging to sustain a family with the income of only one family member.

Furthermore, it is usually said, ‘The more you earn, the happier you can live a happy life’. So, isn’t it apparent that the homemaker/ housewives in India must start earning too! Not only to become independent but also to support their families, and it’s not only about homemakers but for those women also who can’t go out for the job for any reason?

Getting a sustainable income from online jobs will not only help improve financial stability but also help keep a fresh mentality of Indian women.
There are immense work opportunities available (both online and offline) which can be monitored from home, but not many housewives in India know about all these opportunities of earning money with the convenience of staying at their homes. The homemakers need to pick the right job for them depending on their comfort level to make some extra money.

Here is a list of some most elementary and simple ways by which homemakers/ housewives can earn money.

1. Sell your Voice: Yeah, you have heard right ~ Sell your Voice and Earn. It doesn’t matter how is your voice, whether it’s good or bad. Every voice is unique on its own. You can sell your voice here and can earn a good amount from home. Today many foreigner animations companies/cartoon companies want Indian voice for dubbing it in the Indian language like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, etc., and many advertising companies are also in this list. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to sell your voice and to become self – independent. The best part of it is it doesn’t need any qualification, and you don’t have to worry about your voice. Every voice is unique, and they need it. So go for it, don’t wait too long.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online



2. Selling Handmade Products Online: If you have the talent, then you can make thousands of rupees by selling your handmade products online. You can create and sell paintings if you are good at art and crafts, you can make wall hangings, rope bowls, sew pillow covers with different funny patterns and colour combinations, you can make wood pallets or coasters using pallet painting which is easy and looks good. You can create market tote bags also. There are countless things that you can prepare at home and sell. The main challenge that most homemakers in India encounter are how to sell their handmade products in the market. There are many websites, such as EtsyArtFireAmazonFlipkart, etc., on which you can efficiently market your products. After some time when you have somewhat established yourself in the market, then you can make your website and use online advertising to increase traffic.

You can also elevate your work from social media. You can make Facebook pages, Instagram account, Twitter account, etc. to attract your target audience. For shipping, you can contact some courier services and take shipping charges as add-ons if you are not selling your stuff through e-commerce websites.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online



3. Momos Selling: 

India is well-known to own about 3250 types of dishes. Indians have an exquisite taste for the fast-food, which is readily available in every street of India. 

One such fast food dish is Momos, a South Asian dumpling, which has attained notoriety over the years due to its taste and the fact that it is light on the stomach. However, with the competition continually rising, you should assure that the quality is raised. You can also try other innovative fillings that may please customers to your stall. There is an everyday expense of ingredients and labour cost which can be readily overcome if you manage quality and hygiene criteria and also assure that you have a certain competitive edge that helps you stand out in the crowd. 

Let’s get into the area of legal formalities- You must register yourself with the Municipal/Panchayat office which is related to the region where you want to set up your shop. You will require a written application affirming eatery/ outlet name, type of business (i.e. fast food), a layout plan and a no objection letter from the landowner.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online



4. Cooking: Who doesn’t love home-cooked food? We all do.

Home-cooked food has always been fancied more when compared to food ordered from hotels among the bachelors, unmarried working people and the elderly. So if you possess unique culinary skills and can make gourmet food, then exist an abundant number of opportunities waiting for you. You can either opt for the dabbawala system or can sell your food on numerous food websites. Or you can start a Tiffin business. Collaborate with corporate offices and deliver homemade food to them.

Let’s consider a frank target that you are providing food to only 40 employees, charge Rs.100 per serving and work only 20 days a month. As you’ll be making the food in bulk, the cost of raw materials required per meal will not exceed Rs 40. The delivery cost (salary of delivery boy + transportation cost) will not exceed Rs13000. Then also, after deducting all kind of expenses, a homemaker can readily earn approx Rs—30000 per month.

If you don’t want to include other people, then you can sell via Wats CookingMealTango. These websites cater to people who prefer homely food. They unite clients to home chefs in their vicinity and charge 10% on every order. By registering in this, you don’t have to worry about the delivery services, and these portals provide pick-up services as well. 

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online



5. Content Writing and Editing: This job entails specialization in producing relevant content for the website or business. If you can present your content in a novel, valuable and compelling manner with the use of user-friendly but relevant writing skills, then you can move ahead with this sort of job. 

It necessitates agreement with the internet and social media, examining the existing scenario, composing the topic, and then editing it to make it more beneficial and informative, thus presenting the reader with few of quality articles to understand and extract information from. 

From Rs. 350 per article for a fresher to Rs. 10,000 for a skilled writer. Your ability to scan appropriate content and use of keywords that draw the customers are some of the experiences that make you stand out in this job. 

Writing methods and documentation are some of the skill-set that add to your pay. Websites like ‘WritersWeekly’, ‘HubPages’ provide you with a platform to submit your articles for publication and thus make money through them.

Each firm pays writers in their way. Some pay per word (like Rs 2- Rs 10 per word), while others also pay per article (like Rs 200 to Rs 20000 per article). 

If you write well, then you can efficiently complete one well-researched article of 2000 words in 2 days and can instantly charge Rs 2000 for that article. 

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online


6. Freelance Writer: 

If you have exceptional writing skills, then you can try your hand at freelance writing or blogging. In this, you can write your blogs on a particular topic, or you can also share your perspective on a topic. 

It is effortless to earn money online if you know how to write through freelance writing or blogging. If you have an interest in writing, then you can pick freelance writing as your earning alternative. Today there exist the demand of writers who can write in various languages such as French, Dutch, German and obviously English.

You can compose articles for some magazines or newspapers conveniently from your home. Numerous of such writing opportunities give a writer an average of Rs 1000-1500 per blog/article piece. The income can further be increased by increasing the quality of the content you are writing on. Ideally, it is noted that the finance and healthcare industries offer more money as compared to other sectors. You can improve your content writing skills by reading others’ blogs. 

Picking up freelancing work from modern websites like FiverrSeoClerksTrueLancerCraiglistConstant-ContentUpwork, is quite easy. You might not get paid that hefty initially, but once you get skilled, you might get up to Rs 6,000 per article and even more.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online



7. Becoming a Child Tutor: Home tutoring is one of the most reliable means of earning additional money for homemakers. 

If you can maintain a functional equation with the children and you have a knack to teach, then you can earn money by taking or giving home tuitions. There are countless parents these days who are working and can’t find enough time to spend with their kids and teach them themselves. They, therefore, feel the dire need to hire a private tutor for their children. 

You can volunteer to teach their children. You don’t need any specialised expertise or high education. You have to have a knowledge or degree certificate in that subject, and you can begin tutoring readily. For marketing, all you have to do is put posters near your area or insert circulars in newspapers that you are a private tutor, and people will begin contacting you.

These days, in most of the cities, tutors get paid approximately Rs. 3000 – Rs 5000 per for teaching a teenage. This will not only be your income source but will be beneficial for your knowledge as well. You can work online as well. These days several websites offer online tutoring jobs like TutorTutorIndiaCuemath.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online



8. Sell Your Photos Online: Do you have some outstanding pictures that you captured from your Camera? What if I tell, you can earn money by selling them at reasonable prices. 

AlamyShutterstockFotoliaPhotobucket, iStockPhoto and Photomoolah. These are just a few sites that can be used for this purpose. 

There may be times when your marvellous clicks, which you have taken on any cakewalk with a mountain, a lake or anything beautiful. These pictures can also be advantageous for you. List them on websites selling online images. Who knows others might be willing to purchase it!

When somebody likes your photo, or he or she wants to buy it, he or she can obtain it through these websites. These websites take a small fee after selling pictures.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online


9. Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is an excellent marketing approach. When you refer others online to purchase anything, and if he orders it from that referral link, then you get some commission.

The amount of the commission is according to the interest determined by the company of the product. It works like this – if you buy a mobile phone of 11000 rupees from your affiliate link and if the company commits 10% then you will get 1100 rupees.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online


10. Make-Up and beautician work: 

Do you know how beautician works or what course do they take to make this as their career option? In India, both the girls and gals love to dress up, beauty parlour plays a very critical role. 

If you have some approved training in this field, you must already be running your beauty parlour. But if you don’t have any training and you are interested in having a career in this field, then you can prefer getting proper training in such courses. 

The benefit of this job is that you don’t need a large or separate area to start your beauty parlour. You can open a beauty parlour in your house itself. So, you don’t have to invest any amount of money in buying extra space. You can begin it from your home and increase your client list by increasing word of mouth.

Those housewives who look forward to making money through beautician works should mandatorily read fashion magazines to keep up with all the latest trends in hairdos, makeup, and so on. Once you get organised well, you can raise your fees as there is a lot of margin in specific beauty jobs. 

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online


11. Earn Money from YouTube: 

We all know, YouTube is the world’s best Video Distribution website. You can upload any video to YouTube. You can literally make a lot of money through YouTube, all you must ensure us that your video should be enjoyable and informational so that the video can get the highest views and traffic.

Steps to collect money on Video on YouTube:

  • Always build Unique Video and upload. The uploaded video should not be copied.
  • Keep the best SEO optimized headline for your video so that more and more Organic Traffic can get on your YouTube channel.
  • Write a suitable description for that video, because the Crawlers read the reports of your video on Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s Search Engine.
  • To make money first go to the Video Dashboard on your YouTube channel and switch on the Monetize option. You require an Active AdSense account for this.
  • After publishing your video on YouTube, then don’t forget to share it in your Blog and Social Network.
  • Advertisements will display on every single view of your video on YouTube, which will get you paid when you click on the revenue which you can view in the AdSense Dashboard.

The Easiest Way For Indian Women To Make Money Online


So these are some of the genuine ways to make money. If you like the post then please positively comment and share this post. If you also have any good ideas to earn money online, then definitely tell us through the comment.



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