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10 Effective Ways to Deal with Pimple Marks and Acne Scars this Summer

May 28, 2020

Struggling with pimples is common to a lot of people across age groups, may it be a man or woman. It also reoccurs significantly amongst women going through menopause. Getting even one pimple is like dealing with it for at least a few months because what those pimples leave behind are blemishes, dark spots or scars. These spots are frustrating. 

Why do you get pimples?

Acne is a disease that usually happens when your body goes through some hormonal imbalance. The changes that the hormones go through produce more oil than usual due to which there is clogging in the skin pores that fosters bacterial growth which results in the most visible symptom called pimples.    

Difference between pimple marks and pimple scars.

Scars due to pimples usually do not go away completely without medical intervention. Dark marks or spots on the other hand, do not cause long term damage to the skin. These lighten over time and fade away within a year or two. This process of lightening the marks can be fastened with trusted home remedies or by applying skin friendly dark spot removal creams.

10 Effective Ways to Remove Pimple Marks and Acne Scars

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