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9 Go-to Fitness Experts for At-Home Workout

April 19, 2021
Online fitness experts

The most common resolution which people take at any time of the year is to ‘Get Fit’. And with that, it is also the most failed pledge among a wide variety of resolutions. To make this situation even more tricky, the impact of COVID is making us constrained to stay indoors. Going to the gym, running, cycling, hiring a fitness expert or other such outdoor workout sessions are on hold amidst regular lockdowns and the risk of getting infected.

Staying inside our homes for such a long duration is an overwhelming experience. It is essential to beat these indoor blues and exercising regularly is one way to do this. All that one needs to execute a fitness routine is some floorspace, a laptop / mobile / TV and some guidance. Digital has dominated our lives in these times and that is exactly where we seek expert guidance. 

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