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Popular Celebrity Tattoos and What They Mean

April 12, 2021

We all notice celebrity tattoos every now and then. Some of which catch our eye and inspire us while some leave us confused as to what they really mean! Getting inked is not just a style statement or yet another fashion trend. When it comes to getting tattooed, our popular celebrities have  some unique stories to share. We have culled some memorable works of art on some of your favourite celebs. Continue Reading…

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10 Awesome Minimalist Tattoo Designs For Men

March 23, 2020

The tradition of getting inked dates back hundreds of years; however, one can’t say how it all started. Although, one thing’s for sure: Since David Beckham had his son’s name etched on his lower back, tattoos went mainstream. 

They are undoubtedly great communicators and help showcase your ideology and imagination to the world. Choosing the right design is key else you’ll be left with a collection of Facebook and Instagram pictures you’d regret seeing.

So, it’s better to choose wisely and enjoy your tattoo forever without any future regrets. That said, here we are, with some alluring minimalist tattoo ideas all men out there can consider for getting inked. Because tattoos don’t have to be large to create an impact! 

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Top 10 Minimalist Tattoo Ideas All Girls Should Swear By

March 22, 2020

Who said tattoos have to be large to make an impact? 

In fact, today, it’s the smaller tattoos that are trending and attracting attention, especially for women. 

Although small tattoos might appear to be dainty and discreet, but this body artwork is actually elegant and has a strong influence on your personality. 

From gorgeously intricate floral designs to bold symbols and quotes, the internet is literally flooded with options for you. No matter if it’s your first or second time getting inked, you must spend your sweet time researching for the most appropriate design. 

That said, we’ve lightened your workload ladies as below we’ve narrowed down some really amazing minimalist tattoo designs. So, scroll down for some inspiration! 

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5 Best Body Parts To Get A Permanent Tattoo

March 17, 2020

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Justin Bieber’s tattooed body or are someone who’s going gaga over the Bongo star Diamond Platnumz’s recently inked arm, you’re on the right page! 

We get it that you’re finally planning to tick off your resolution to get a tattoo considering that the first quarter of 2020 is about to complete. (Way to go, mate!)

While getting a tattoo is one thing, the next thing is deciding where to get it. You can choose to get a tattoo on any part of your body, but it’s wise to keep in mind the best and worst places to get one. Some areas of the body aren’t the ideal ones to go ahead with, especially if you’re concerned about the tattoo’s fading a few years down the line. 

That said, we have prepared a list of the five most appropriate body parts you must choose from. And, be assured of turning heads wherever you go! 

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5 Effective Ways To Remove A Permanent Tattoo

March 16, 2020

“Ughh, I don’t like it anymore!” 


“It could’ve been better!”


Do these things strike your mind as soon as you look at the tattoo on your body? 


Well, if your response to this is yes, you are surely on the right page then. All the ‘not-so-proud’ owners of that regrettable tattoo stain, here’s a huge shout out to you. We relate to you totally! 

Something that seemed to be a wise and lovely decision in the past now appears to be the one taken in haste. Unfortunately, most of us have been a part of this grind. 


While many choose to regret that impulsive decision and continue living with it anyway, there are others who decide to bid farewell to it. 


On that note, mentioned below are five practical ways via which you can get them removed. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind with respect to it. And, the same are as follows.

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