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Top 10 Fashion Content Creators In India | Must-Follow On Instagram

July 21, 2020

Influencer marketing in India sees it’s all-time high at the moment. The 21st century saw its rise in the face of digitalization, leading to the growth of social media, which has produced some influential personalities. 

The rise of social media has given many influencers a platform to showcase their art, create authentic and original artwork which leads them to have a massive following. They are known for their up to date fashion sense that inspires many thousands of people to pull off the latest trends with confidence. 

Their creativity, approach, and knowledge in fashion have made a presence in the realm of digitalization and made it to the wall of fame. These bloggers have taken beauty and fashion to a whole new level. To Do It Yourself videos, lifestyle videos, and fashion hauls these content creators have established a vast network, created an impressive profile, and showcased credibility in their content which both brands and audiences desire. 

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