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Popular Celebrity Tattoos and What They Mean

April 12, 2021

We all notice celebrity tattoos every now and then. Some of which catch our eye and inspire us while some leave us confused as to what they really mean! Getting inked is not just a style statement or yet another fashion trend. When it comes to getting tattooed, our popular celebrities have  some unique stories to share. We have culled some memorable works of art on some of your favourite celebs.

1. Kangana Ranaut

The Queen actress, Kangana Ranaut, is known for her fierce personality. She has two known tattoos of which one is on her nape. It is called the warrior angel. This tattoo is associated with her rebellious attitude in life and fearless conduct when it comes to Bollywood.

Image Source: Pinterest


 2. Angelina Jolie

Out of a significant number of tattoos on her body, the one on her arm has a beautiful context. Along with Brad Pitt’s, it has the location coordinates of all her kids’ birth places.

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Priyanka Chopra

No one is a stranger to Priyanka Chopra’s famous ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ tattoo on her right wrist. The actress’s father lost a long battle to cancer in 2013. In the year 2015, she got ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ inked, in his handwriting, to honor her father. 

Image Source: Pinterest

4. Madonna

Celebrities have gotten inked at the age of as early as 17 (Miley Cyrus – got ‘just breathe’ tattooed or Lady Gaga – got ‘treble clef’ tattoo). But the Queen of Pop – Madonna, got inked for the very first time in 2020. The singer got her children’s initials ‘LRDMSE’ tattooed to honor her love for her six kids; Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stelle and Estere.

Image Source: Instagram

5. Scarlett Johansson

The highest paid actress of 2018 and 2019, ScarJo has a number of tattoos including a horseshoe on ribcage, two circles on her ankle, a sunrise on arm, a delicate set of roses on her back along with many others. The roses are believed to signify her love for her daughter, ‘Rose’, with ex-husband Romain Dauraic. 

Image Source: Getty

6. Megan Fox 

The Transformers actress has a little piece of text inked on her back. The line adapted from Shakespeare’s King Lear reads; “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. She says that this tattoo is a reminder to not get too involved in Hollywood since people will eventually end up making fun of each other..

Image Source: Pinterest

7. Akshay Kumar

Popular bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has three known tattoos of which he has most flaunted the one of his son’s name ‘Aarav’. The other two are dedicated to his wife Twinkle Khanna (Tina) and his daughter ‘Nitara’.

Image Source: Pinterest

8. Ranbir Kapoor

Known for his intricate acting skills, Ranbir Kapoor has two known tattoos. The one on his right wrist reads ‘Awara’ in devanagari script. It is believed that he got this inked to honor his love for his grandfather, Raj Kapoor. ‘Awara’ (1951) features Raj Kapoor, Nargis and is one of the most celebrated movies of Bollywood.

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Jessica Alba

American actress and businesswoman best known for her work in ‘Dark Angel’ has ‘padma’ inked on her right wrist. Padma is a sanskrit word that refers to the ‘lotus’ flower and signifies her journey to finding herself again after her breakup with a popular actor. 

Image Source: Getty

10. Alia Bhatt

The bubbly actress has ‘Pataka’ inked on the nape of her neck. She revealed that she got this tattooed to acknowledge her role as a Punjabi girl in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya. And why just the movie, she actually has a mesmerising and lively personality that comes across with this little tattoo.

Alia Bhat's nape tattoo

Image Source: Pinterest

11. David Beckham 

Celebrity footballer who held the title of Sexiest Man Alive (People’s Magazine, 2015) has over 60 tattoos on his body. Along with his sons’ names Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn inked on his back, David has wife, Victoria’s, name inked in Hindi on his left arm. Even though the name got misspelled, the footballer decided to keep it.

Image Source: Huffington Post

12. Sushmita Sen

Former Miss Universe and popular Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen is known for her bold decisions and YOLO attitude. One of her four known tattoos reads ‘Aut viam inveniam aut faciam’. This tattoo on her left arm is a Latin text that means ‘I’ll either find a way or make one’.

Image Source: Pinterest

13. Vanessa Hudgens

The High School Musical film series fame Vanessa Anne Hudgens has an innovative ‘Om’ tattoo inked on her palm edges. Her idea to exhibit the complete word on joining her hands for Namaste makes the tattoo distinguished. 

Image Source: Pinterest

14. Virat Kohli

Celebrity cricketer Virat Kohli has nine tattoos on his body. The earliest ones which he got inked include the names of his parents, Saroj and Prem, to express his love for them. His father introduced him to cricket at a tender age of three. Who knew then that he was to become one of the most celebrated sportsmen in the history of cricket! Other tattoos include drawings of Japanese Samurai, Lord Shiva, a monastery, his zodiac sign (Scorpio), Om Symbol.  

Image Source: Pinterest

15. Lady Gaga

American singer, songwriter and actress, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – popularly known as Lady Gaga, is known for her versatility and image reinventions. One of the first few tattoos that she got inked is a ‘Peace’ sign on her left wrist. She says that this John Lennon inspired tattoo is a reminder to keep note of the important things in life while writing fun music about money, fame and sequins.

Image Source: Instagram

16. Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan has appeared in more than 100 films and is one of the most influential actors in Bollywood. He is a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva and the lord’s image is tattooed on his chest. He is seen flaunting this piece of art in movies like Golmaal, Shivaay, Son of Sardar.

Image Source: Pinterest

17. Sonakshi Sinha

On her 27th birthday, the Dabbang actress got a little star inked on her collarbone. She believes it to be a guiding star which will stay with her throughout her life. The actress garnered a huge number of likes and comments as a token of love from her fans on her social media account.

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