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9 Go-to Fitness Experts for At-Home Workout

April 19, 2021
Online fitness experts

The most common resolution which people take at any time of the year is to ‘Get Fit’. And with that, it is also the most failed pledge among a wide variety of resolutions. To make this situation even more tricky, the impact of COVID is making us constrained to stay indoors. Going to the gym, running, cycling, hiring a fitness expert or other such outdoor workout sessions are on hold amidst regular lockdowns and the risk of getting infected.

Staying inside our homes for such a long duration is an overwhelming experience. It is essential to beat these indoor blues and exercising regularly is one way to do this. All that one needs to execute a fitness routine is some floorspace, a laptop / mobile / TV and some guidance. Digital has dominated our lives in these times and that is exactly where we seek expert guidance. 

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10 Fashion Essentials for COVID hit Summer

April 14, 2021
At home Summer Fashion Essentials

Until a year ago, at this time of the year, everyone made plans to enjoy the long awaited season of the year. From getting fit for the beach, choosing fashion essentials for summer, to selecting the right travel destination. 

But when COVID-19 widely hit the world at around the same time last year, a lot of the usual plans, ways and lifestyle shifted to the new. The ‘New’ that the world is still figuring. 

And with this new, we are learning to adapt and accept an unprecedented natural occurrence. Things might never get back to the old normal . Normal hanging out with friends at a beach or a movie night date; none of it is going to happen the way it used to. Getting decked up for all such occasions are, for now, days of the past.

Consequently, the idea of fashion, also, has changed from choosing trendy outdoor attire to comfy stay at home clothing. However, we are so used to shopping stuff for outdoors that curating an at home summer wardrobe would definitely appreciate some guidance. And we are here to make it easy for you. Check out a specially curated list of the most needed summer fashion items:

   1.  The All Time BoyFriend Denim

Wearing a pair of jeans at home? No way! But wait, it can become your favourite fashion essential at-home if you choose a super comfy denim like this relaxed boyfriend jeans. You can wear it and sit comfortably at your work space or on the couch. And it wont bother you with being itchy at any part of the day. Must try for anyone who is not very fond of jeggings or sweatpants. Continue Reading…

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Popular Celebrity Tattoos and What They Mean

April 12, 2021

We all notice celebrity tattoos every now and then. Some of which catch our eye and inspire us while some leave us confused as to what they really mean! Getting inked is not just a style statement or yet another fashion trend. When it comes to getting tattooed, our popular celebrities have  some unique stories to share. We have culled some memorable works of art on some of your favourite celebs. Continue Reading…

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Beauty essentials for Cold Weather Travelling

December 23, 2020

Ready for a winter vacation! Want to go trekking in the hills? Besides clothes, food and water bottles, some other beauty products are also necessary while travelling to your favourite destination. No, not a foundation, concealers or mascaras, but some skin care products which need to be kept in your bag to keep your skin moisturised and well hydrated. 

Confused which beauty essentials to keep in your travel bag? Worry not, here is a list of the must-haves for a chilly winter holiday in the hills.

When on a vacation in the hill stations mostly in winters, one has to travel in sun, rain, snow and chilly winter winds. Moreover in cold weather, one has to stay for days without a shower. Our skin demands different skincare products based on one’s skin and also on the climate. To keep the skin moisturised and hydrated and prevent damages from the sun and the winds these beauty items are an absolute necessity for you.

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Fashion Branding and Body Image Inclusivity

December 22, 2020

Fashion branding is one of the primary parameters for selling out goods to the desired audience. Irrespective, brands have refrained from being inclusive of all body types for the longest time.

Although not blatantly stated now, but the desirability for thin bodies is apparent as far as branding is concerned. The problem skyrocketed in a fashion that healthier body types couldn’t find clothing pieces under regular brand labels.

The fashion trends have, however, begun to change. This is due to the need for inclusivity and its increased importance.

Having said that, it’s important to track the changing trends and how we were kept away from accepting our natural body types.

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