How to Compliment a Man | All the Right Tips to Woo him!

February 22, 2020

Who doesn’t love to get a compliment?

Everyone Does !!!!!

Sometimes it can be troublesome to think of compliments for men. Many women are hesitant to compliment men as they have been advised that it’s unethical to bestow too much attention.

Well, it ain’t true. When a guy admires a girl, and she reciprocates as well, that’s a great thing! This little gesture makes the man happy and offers him the desire to take matters further. Compliments are, at heart, a way of signalling affection, respect, and an interest in growing closer. They can shape the distinction among a promotion and the corresponding old work, or in a night out with the fellows and lonely night at home. Just recall concerning the last time anyone gave you a heartfelt compliment. It’s an astounding feeling.

We all require a morale boost from time to time. A compliment provides us just that. A genuine compliment can evoke us of our best attributes.

Think about your loved one and what you adore about him. Whether he is a sincere provider? With whom you can always speak to? Is he a remarkably skilled cook? Appreciate him how special he is and how noble you feel being with him. A genuine, honest compliment can make his day more pleasant.

There are few small variations in compliments for men in compared to the compliments for women. Women tend to receive compliments more on their appearances and their vogue, though you can also complement the in the same manner too.

If it is about relationships, women seem to appreciate more romantic compliment, as well as men, enjoy the same.

In a nutshell, men tend to enjoy the most when their efforts are being complimented. Whether its a date he planned or a presentation he set collectively at work, they like viewing their efforts pay off.

At the same time, retain in perception that men and women are not so largely distinctive. When it comes down to it, anyone cherishes a compliment that extends straight from the heart.

If you wish to understand how to compliment a guy, below mentioned are some tips on how to go about it.

1. Compliments that explicate that you believe in him: One of the most influential things which makes a guy melt is when his partner backs him and trusts in him. This is one of the usual steady things that I learned from my male friends while asking them about complementing guys.

One of my mates said, “When she says “I believe in you” I think of myself like a superhero who can accomplish anything”. So ladies highlight this point in your note to make them feel special.

I love how ambitious you are.
I understand you.
I have faith in you.
Whatever you set your brain to, I believe you’ll be able to accomplish it.
People aspire to work side by side with you/for you… Colleagues trust you and your capabilities and You’re great at things you do.
It’s not shocking that you got an appraisal or a new job. You’re very skilled, hard-working, and everyone acknowledges it. I’m always so proud of you.
You’ve achieved a great many milestones in your life already. I’m confident you’ll continually go on to do many more prominent things. You’ll devise the greatest of any opportunity that comes your way.

How to Compliment a Man

2. Body and Appearance—Explicit Compliments: Although men might not perceive as much body shaming as the mediocre woman does in our community, Lads are still anxious about some elements of their bodily appearance. Moreover, each person (despite gender) savours acknowledging that their partner perceives them aesthetically charming. Whether it’s his eyes, thighs, arms, hands or private parts, men aren’t too picky.

Here are some Simple compliments that could touch a men’s sweet spot:

Starting from as basic as “You Look Handsome”, You look Dapper”, “Cool outfit”.
Wow… You had been working out, look at you!

You seem extra manly today. I like it.
You look so sharp in that suit/tie/outfit!
I enjoy being wrapped up in your sensuous arms.
You look nice when you laugh.
You always look so attractive, even when your hair is all messy as you wake up.

How to Compliment a Man


3. Compliments which admires his efforts: Everyone wishes to be appreciated for the effort that they put into their relationship.

Let him know that you appreciate what he does for you. Even the tiniest things, acknowledge it all. Whenever you appreciate anything out loud, you manage to get more of it. And even if you don’t, you nevertheless get to make him feel loved.

Whether he replaced the light bulb, took out the garbage, or washed the dishes is irrelevant… what important is that you appreciate him for his acts of assistance every now and then.


I love how kind you are with me.
You’re so helpful to me.
Thank you so much for preparing dinner/breakfast for me, love. I really like it, and this is so delicious!
It seems you can fix anything that’s broken!
Thank you for hearing me. I really thank you for letting me clear my head.
I know that you did (this) for me. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I appreciate it. You’re so loving to me, and I cherish it.
I enjoyed seeing you playing with mutual friend’s kids earlier today. Your playful side is so appealing to me. I love that you make time and have fun sometimes.


How to Compliment a Man


4. Compliments that explain that you respect him: Numerous studies have noted that men perceive respect as love and they set a greater emotional reward on being respected with certainly feeling loved. While I don’t presume that these considerations necessarily mean much on the individual level, but it’s significant to note that your man likely desires to feel respected within your relationship.

Here are a few ways to mention it to him:

You’re a good man, and I am thankful to GOD that I met you.
You make me proud and happy being with you.
I have a lot of respect for you.
I respect that you always try to become a better version of yourself.
It took great strength to be the powerful man back there, and no one could have done any better.
It takes a lot of courage to admit the mistakes a person make, and you always have that courage in you, and you apologize for it. I really admire that you were ready to do that. It was very mature of you.
I adore how forgiving you are with the ones closest to you.
I love how polite/caring you are with my parents/friends/co-workers. You are so aware of people in our lives, and I really like it.

How to Compliment a Man


5. Compliments that indicate that you trust him and his capability to lead: The majority of men have a profound level of desire for being seen as the leader in their lives and relationships, whether blame social conditioning, biology or whatever else you’d prefer to, but its a fact!

Let him know that you trust his way of being in the world by acknowledging a few of the following:

I would accompany you anywhere.
You have my trust.
You’ve never driven us to any wrong situation in the past.
I’m always on your side.
I have faith in you. You always give the best advice as you’re so smart.


6. Compliments that show that you are influenced by him: Generally, all men understand the feeling of having someone walk through them who is so charming that they go weak in the knees. The rush of temptation that we feel is a potent one.

Tell him that you feel something same when you are around him.

I react to you on such a profound level.
I can’t help blushing around you.
You always get how to make me smile.
I believe I can succeed a lot in my life as I have you as a safety net. I constantly feel supported by you, and it means a lot to me.
I’ve never felt more secure and comfortable with any other person. I love being in your closeness.
Your eyes are so captivating. I always get lost in them unendingly.
I’ve never felt so much seduced on by anyone; you make me weak at the knees very easily.
You are the most entertaining person that I know of.

I don’t believe it’s discussed enough, but men react to gratitude, appreciation and praise just as much as women do. In several cases, women tend to get a lot of verbal praise when it comes to appearances and how they make a man feel.

So aside from the compliments mentioned above, you can also try out these six sorts of compliments that men would really like to hear more often.

How to Compliment a Man


7. “I Love The Way You Believe”: After all, you both are on the same team, so it’s best to start doing like one. “Rather than running to war with who is ‘correct’ in the relationship, reward your partner for the way they believe and problem-solve”.


How to Compliment a Man


8. “You Always Know Specifically What to Respond”: “Men like to resolve obstacles/problems, make things better and make you feel more seen, heard, supported and safe”. Allowing him to know he really made you feel sound with his insightful advice is an assured win.

How to Compliment a Man


9. “You’re a great Father with no Limits”: “Although this compliment usually appeals to moms, even men most men take pride in their fathering skills and welcome the attention for it,”. “Hearing what a wonderful dad he is, makes him put more effort to be an even better dad. Complimenting his tenderness and his nurturing skills with his children will warm your man’s heart in all the right spots.”

How to Compliment a Man


10. “I Love You Simply The Way You Are”: “To be mentioned, you are endured just the way you are is one of the biggest gifts you can receive,”. “The mantra of lasting love is total acceptance of your companion, excluding judgment.”

How to Compliment a Man


11. Mentioning “You are Such A Great Cook”: “Guys crave to know that they can offer their help in the kitchen as well and provide for you and seldom, they want reassurance that they have,”. “My boyfriend is a fabulous cook and is usually the one to prepare dinner for us. It is almost two years now, but always after my first few bites of food, he gazes at me anxiously and asks if I like it. When I praise his cooking, he is proud of his achievement.”

How to Compliment a Man


12. “Can You Help Me Fix This?”: Yes, really. Bestowing you trust him to help you with a problem or literally fix something which is broken is one of the best ways to let him know you trust him without quoting it over and over again. “This might sound ghastly, but men are natural fixers,” They always offer to help, so don’t be afraid to ask.

How to Compliment a Man



Herverve’s Note: Your Loved one will respond to many of these more strongly than others. Try out these majestic compliments a handful of them and examine what comes of it.











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