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How to choose background for amazing pictures.

May 7, 2019

So many of my Instagram followers ask me about my photographs that How you click such amazing pictures?
How your Instagram looks so good? Etc etc.
So yeah I m gonna tell you how you can get Instagram Worthy pictures by choosing an appropriate background.
I personally search for three types of background which I m gonna tell in this blog

Background for Instagram Worthy picture.

🌺 Nature/greenery.

Yes, guys, I m truly a nature lover whenever I see green plants or flowers or trees it totally grabs my attention n I couldn’t stop but click because it gives your picture a natural look a fresh look and yeah adds colors to your picture then why not 😍

🖼️ Painted and colorful walls.

Yaasss big painted and colorful walls are love without putting so much efforts we can get such artistic pictures and yeah again it adds so many colors in your photos.

🌅 Golden Hour

So, guys, golden hour is the best time for photos, select a location where you can find that orangish sunlight, it will give your picture a golden look n highlights your face naturally (early morning and evening time is the best time for clicking these kinds of photos)
So yeah these are my hacks for amazing photographs, If you want to ask any question please comment below and I will try to reply to you as soon as possible.😀

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