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5 Must Watch Bollywood Movies

January 23, 2020

Bollywood has time and again given us some upright genius pieces of content!

While most of us are overwhelmed with the grandeur and vibrancy of Indian movies, there is some iconic work that enhances our love for the Indian cinema. Here is a list of five such remarkable Indian movies :

  • Anand 

The 1972 Filmfare award-winning movie features Rajesh Khanna (Anand) and Amitabh Bachchan (Dr. Banerjee aka Babu Moshai). A story, way ahead of its time, depicts the life of Anand who is terminally ill and has an admirably beautiful approach towards life. His character teaches us to value life, stay positive in all situations and make the best of the time that one has.   

Interesting Fact: Director Hrishikesh Mukherjee dedicated this movie to his friend Raj Kapoor with whom he started his career as an editor.

  • Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro 

This movie is a satire on corruption in Indian media and politics. Sudhir (Ravi Baswani) and Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) are two photographers who hope to make money from their newly opened photo studio at Haji Ali, Bombay.

Once while enlarging some pictures, they come across an accidentally clicked photograph which was evidence to a high – profile murder. What flows next is an unexpected series of events where corrupt bureaucrats and businessmen gang up to punish Vinod and Sudhir to prison for the crime they did not commit.

Interesting Fact: The names of the lead characters – Vinod Chopra and Sudhir Mishra – came from the film’s assistant directors Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Sudhir Mishra.  Continue Reading…

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Best Face Moisturizers for Soft Smooth Skin | HerVerve Tips

December 31, 2019

My work demands me to look presentable all the time and I love it! But as much as my skin supports me to look beautiful all the time; it also needs pampering and proper care. I follow a basic ‘face wash + moisturiser’ routine to keep my skin clean and hydrated. However, because of the umpteen number of brands available in the market, it becomes tough to decide which product is safe to use!

Do you also struggle to select the best moisturiser for your skin? Here are a few best ones which are gentle for almost every skin type: 

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Review | Instant Periods Pain Relief Roll On

May 5, 2019

Sometimes, women go through an unbearable pain in the form of menstrual cramps. Since it’s natural and occurs each month, there’s not much that can be done. If you consume allopathic pain relievers, they may affect the metabolism of the body. Moreover, you can’t consume medicines each month, since the menstrual pain is a monthly thing.

So, what’s the best alternative? 

Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On: It’s a perfect pain reliever from Period pain (You can purchase it from amazon @169 INR)

This roll-on is a product curated by Pee Safe, they believe that while bleeding is natural in the periods, they can put an end to the pain that comes along. So they have curated an innovative product to explain How to relieve Periods Pain?

“Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On: It’s a 100% herbal stain-free roll-on that presents constant and prompt comfort to the muscle pains (period pains) during menstrual heydays. 

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