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Blackmail Cafe – Perfect Retreat In North Delhi

May 5, 2019

Who says that only south Delhi offers sumptuous and wondrous interior for people to chill out!

Have you ever been to Blackmail Cafe!

For those who are not aware, it’s a Theme based Lounge & Bar, Serving Multi cuisines food and Giving you an Elevated Culinary experience. For your surprise, it’s in North Delhi (Kamla Nagar), and my visit to it was just so amazing. Here’s my experience:

What I had at Blackmail Cafe?

The first thing that I ordered after confirming a comfy chair for myself at the cafe was ‘Green Mojito’, and you would obviously know why I ordered it! Living and commuting in Delhi’s summer always demand such relaxation, and trust me in Delhi-Mojito is a life savior.

The mint and kale leaves along with icy water were just perfect to calm me down and enjoy the soothing music they had playing. Although Green Mojito is a common drink available in nearly every other cafe; at Blackmail cafe I found it to be a perfect blend of mint, peeled frozen pineapple and avocado.

A classic drink to beat the heat.

Next, It was time to stop the food cravings I was going through…

Delhi is famous for one thing !! and yeah, it’s ‘THE MOMOS’. 🙂

Being a momos fan, I love to taste the momos of every possible place and then rank them with remarks in between 1 to 10. (10 being the most amazing momos experience and 1 being the worst).

The presentation of Momos at Blackmail cafe was average but the taste was so much awesome. I seriously didn’t expect to find such mouthwatering taste in Kamla Nagar. However, since the competition in the Momos world of Delhi is too aggressive, I would only rate them an 8 out of 10.

No doubt, the spicy condiment served along with the momos was just like everyone needs it to be: Piquant.

Next comes the Mix Sauce Pasta…

Pasta is always a portion of great food to fill your stomach. This Italian food item served by Blackmail Cafe is so awesome with its thick piquant sauce with sprinkled parmesan cheese.

In all, Blackmail Cafe is an awesome place to chill out and have fun with friends along with delicious food items, soothing/rocking music, and great ambiance.

Good News for all the Delhiites is that it’s open till 1:00 AM 🙂 and in case you are a day partying person, its gate is open from 12:00 PM in Afternoon for all the soiree.

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