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Beauty essentials for Cold Weather Travelling

December 23, 2020


During a holiday at a beach, the elementary thing to be done is that we should protect our skin from the sun rays. Even if we are holidaying in the hills we should protect ourselves from sunburn. 

According to experts, sun rays that are reflected from the snow and ice caps of the hills can also harm our skin. One should apply at least a sunscreen of SPF 35. The sunscreen should be applied every 2-4 hours so that we are protected from sunburn. 

According to dermatologists, damages on our skin caused due to sun can lead to skin pigmentation and even can cause early wrinkles. Aloe vera sunscreens with SPFs are much more beneficial than ordinary sunscreens with SPFs. 

For this purpose, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ Sunscreen  is highly recommended.


Moisturiser is another essential for our travel bag. If we are travelling and we are going to miss out on a moisturizer then there are high chances of skin damage. Even if we apply sunscreen, a coat of moisturiser to our skin acts as double protection from the sun and also the dry winter weather. 

We should look for moisturisers with natural ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, almond oil, soy milk, honey or shea butter. Depending on the moisture needs of one’s skin and to which weather conditions we are travelling to, a moisturiser needs to be chosen. 

A heavy moisturiser will take much time to be absorbed in the skin but is perfect for cold winters as winters already make our skin dry from beforehand. But in summers we use a light moisturiser so that it gets absorbed quickly into the skin.

POND’S Moisturizing Cold Cream is best suited for such weather conditions.

 Olive oils/ Coconut oils/ Argan oils

Olive oil removes makeup. For dry skin, one can apply olive oil on the whole body especially during winters. Olive oil is also beneficial for dry frizzy hair. We can also apply olive oil for chapped lips and feet.

Coconut oil can also be used in place of olive oil for chapped lips and feet. One can also use argan oil. 

Argan oil protects hair and skin from sun damage. It moisturises skin and also has anti-ageing effects. It is also beneficial for relieving from acne.

 Lip Balms

A lip balm keeps the lips hydrated and is an absolute necessity while travelling. On trips especially during winters, we forget to keep a check on our water intake. We don’t feel thirsty in winters frequently like we do in summers. As a result, because of less water intake, our body feels less hydrated. 

To this adds the dry winds of the chilly winters and our lips start to crack. So to protect the lips from the dry winds, a lip balm is always necessary. A lip balm infused with SPF is more effective. It protects the lips from the dry winters as well from the harmful rays of the sun. Himalaya Lip Balms are well suited for such adventurous trips.

A tinted lip balm can also be used if one is fond of lipsticks. One doesn’t have to carry extra lipstick. This tinted lip balm will add colour to the lips and also will protect it from being chapped.

Ketoconazole Shampoos

Our hair and our scalp should be taken care of, particularly in cold weather. During winters most of the people suffer from dandruff problems which leads to unrestrained hair fall. One should carry ketoconazole shampoos along with normal shampoos to prevent dandruff. Kenozole 2% Shampoo can be used for this purpose.

Body Lotions

Body lotions with SPF 35 should be carried in our travel bags. The body lotions will act as moisturisers to the skin of our hands and legs. Moreover, it will also act as a sunscreen because of SPF 35 and protect from sun damage. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion is generally preferred.

·Petroleum jelly

In cold and dry weather, not only our face but also our feet and hands go rough and dry. Especially our feet start cracking as we tend to give less attention to those areas. For healthy feet, we should always keep a thick petroleum-based jelly or cream in handy.  Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly is the evergreen choice for every person.

 Hydration mists/ Rosewater sprays

After applying sunscreen moisturizers if then also the skin feels dry during treks, one can depend on hydrating mists. Its mesmerizing scent because of rosemary, ginseng, lavender, etc. and its hydrating quality gives the face freshness and a boost of energy to focus completely on our treks. A rosewater spray can also be used instead of hydration mists.

Face wipes

Especially baby wipes can be used as face wipes.  A face wash in cold and hilly areas can make our skin go much dry. To prevent the skin from losing its moisture, the face can be cleaned with a baby wipe. These face wipes can remove extra oil or dirt from the face and doesn’t make our skin go dry like a face wash.

·Apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar comes with many benefits. It acts as a nice toner for the face. It acts as an astringent. It heals sunburns. It heals acne. It removes dandruff build-up from hair and adds shine to hair that looks dull in winters.


Last but not the least, Deodorants, are a must. During travelling especially in low-temperature areas, people often tend to skip a bath. While trekking, we sweat as well, so to stop the body odour and stay fresh throughout your trekking days, a deodorant is necessary.

In a gist

Travelling whether by road or air to some hill station for trekking or hiking causes an ample amount of stress that hampers our skin. To prevent any skin problems we should take precaution from beforehand so as not to ruin our holiday because of bad skin. If we follow some simple basic skin care regimen for our skin we can easily avert those skin problems.

So what are you waiting for??? Just grab your backpacks with these essentials, besides some food and your water bottle, and just go out for your lovely vacation.

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