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Advantages of Meditation

January 2, 2020

There are thousands of studies that have shown meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships, research shows mindfulness works. In simple words,” Meditation is relaxation.” It is not about concentration, it’s actually about de-concentration. It’s not about focussing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead on becoming thoughtless. Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.

Advantages of Meditation


After doing some research I found out that Meditation has so many benefits. I have been doing Meditation for the last 4 years and got so many benefits that are mentioned in this blog.

Psychological Advantages:

1. Builds self-confidence
2. Increases Serotonin levels
3. Resolves phobias and fears
4. Helps control own thoughts
5. Helps with focus and concentration
6. Increases creativity
7. Increased brain wave coherence
8. Improves learning ability and memory
9. Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation
10. Increased emotional stability
11. Improves relationships
12. Mind ages at a slower rate
13. Develops Intuition
14. Improves relations at home & work
15. Able to see the larger picture in a given situation
16. Develop will power
17. Develops emotional maturity
18. Grows a stable, more balanced personality
19. Greater tolerance
20. Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation
21. Decreased tendency to worry
22. Helps make more accurate decisions
23. Beneficial for insomnia


Spiritual Advantages:

1. Provides peace of mind
2. Helps you discover your purpose
3. Increased compassion
4. Growing wisdom
5. Increases self-actualization
6. A deeper understanding of yourself and others
7. Brings body, mind, and spirit into harmony
8. Help learn forgiveness
9. Changes attitude towards life
10. Helps one live in the present
11. Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love
12. Increases the synchronicity in life
13. Allows the experience of ‘Indivisibility’
14. Attain enlightenment
15. Increases acceptance of oneself
16. Remove ego
17. Deeper the level of spiritual relaxation
18. Creates a deeper relationship with God
19. Greater inner-directedness
20. Allows the inner sense of “Assurance” and “Knowledge”
21. Allows one to ‘let go’
22. Opens one to limitless belief
23. It shifts one to being happier with simplicity, nature, and the self.


Physiological Advantages:

1. Lowers oxygen consumption rate
2. Decreases respiratory rate
3. Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate
4. Increases exercise tolerance
5. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation
6. Lowers the high blood pressure
7. Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate
8. Enhances the immune system
9. It helps in chronic diseases such as arthritis, allergies, etc…
10. Helps in post-operative healing
11. Decreases muscle tension
12. Reduces pre-menstrual symptoms
13. Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress
14. Drop-in cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease
15. Helps with weight loss
16. Higher skin resistance
17. Improved flow of air to lungs, resulting in easier breathing
18. Cure headaches and migraines
19. Harmonize your endocrine system
20. Reduced need for medical care
21. Relaxes the nervous system
22. Heals infertility (the stress of infertility can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation)

Meditation is such a great boon for each of us and it should definitely be part of our day to day life. Doing meditation for at least 15-20 minutes in the morning (or you can choose any time according to your conveniences, but don’t do this before sleep) can change your life definitely. It allows one to break away from the limited thinking of human existence and experience your true potential, so start it from today!

Herverve’s Tip: Use earplugs while meditation, it’ll completely block outer sounds of your surroundings and will help to calm your mind. You can easily find it any medical/chemist store or can purchase online also.

Advantages of meditation

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