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A Curated List of Winter Essential For Women

December 22, 2020

 So get ready to make a statement, have dewy skin, and make heads turn. Without further ado, let’s get started with our winter essentials: 

Wool Coats: A good old overcoat in the winters is never getting out of fashion. A wool coat is the hardest and the most all-rounder fashion piece in your wardrobe. You can pair them up with your dresses, jeans, to even your Indian wear, giving it a more modern and fusion look. Woolen coats make a statement and are sure to drop some jaws. It is advised that you go for more fashion-forward details and contemporary silhouettes to stand out from the crowd. Try to go for more neutral colors with your coat so you can pair it up with most outfits and make use of the money you paid for it. 

Puffer Jackets: These are so much in fashion at the moment. A good puffer jacket is good enough to make heads turn out, and they are warm as a hug. If you are from a cold place, a puffer jacket is all you need to make a fashion statement and stay warm. Puffer jackets have been around since last season, and we are here for it. This down fitted outer fit is extra trendy and can be styled in multiple ways. You can also opt for slimmer and thinner jackets if you want to layer them or reach out for an oversized one to make a statement. 

Stockings: Get your 80’s vibe out cause this season stockings are taking over gain. Stockings are available in multiple styles and colors, and you can style them with whichever outfit you deem fit. Stockings keep you warm and look oh-so-chic! You can also play up with bright stockings and play around with the colors of your outfit to give a bold, chic, and color block effect. 

Leather Jackets: Get the rock chick biker girl look with a simple leather jacket. Leather jackets have been around for a while and let’s say that they are not going out of style. There is a leather jacket or coat that will suit every woman with style. They are comfortable, warm, and have a distinct look to them. Leather jackets sure will make you look effortlessly. A statement leather jacket is all about all gleam and personality and sure to elevate any look. 

Sweater Dress: For those of you shocked, yes, you can wear a dress in the middle of a cold, harsh winter. You have to make sure that the dress is warm. Dresses are undoubtedly the most versatile piece of clothing; you can pair it up with puffer jackets, leather jackets, or an overcoat for the extra warmth and style statement you can also add a stocking to your outfit, and voila! You are ready to make heads turn. Knitted dresses are cozy and super stylish, you can choose from the various styles available. 

Chunky Cable Knit Sweaters: Trade your lightweight crew neck or turtleneck for a chunky cable knit sweater. These sweaters are sure to make you look chic, stylish, and straight out of a rom-com. These sweaters are super warm, and you can wear them without jackets. They are ideal as a top over your jeans, or skirts and comfortable to run your errands in. 

Skin Care and Grooming Essentials: 

Face Masks: Stock up on your face masks as winters make your skin dry. Face masks will give your skin the extra hydration it needs to stay supple this winter. 

Moisturizers: We cannot emphasize this enough. Winters generally is a dry season and if you do not want your skin to crack, keep your face and body moisturized all the time. 

Hair Masks: With winter most of us avoid taking a head shower due to the cold weather, because of which our hair becomes dry and frizzy. The hair needs to be moisturized and hydrated. Get a tub of a good hair mask of your choice, and you are sorted for the winter. 

Hair Oil: A good hair oil will go a long way. Listen to your mom and oil your hair at least once a week to get rid of the dryness and frizz. 

Essential Oils: Essential oils have multipurpose use, and you can use it for both your hair and face. These are super effective and smell divine. Get your hands on an excellent smelling essential oil and never look back. 


Here is a curated list of all things that you need to get through this winter. We hope this curated list has helped you up to your fashion game and brought you the dewy skin of your dreams. 

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