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9 Go-to Fitness Experts for At-Home Workout

April 19, 2021
Online fitness experts

The most common resolution which people take at any time of the year is to ‘Get Fit’. And with that, it is also the most failed pledge among a wide variety of resolutions. To make this situation even more tricky, the impact of COVID is making us constrained to stay indoors. Going to the gym, running, cycling, hiring a fitness expert or other such outdoor workout sessions are on hold amidst regular lockdowns and the risk of getting infected.

Staying inside our homes for such a long duration is an overwhelming experience. It is essential to beat these indoor blues and exercising regularly is one way to do this. All that one needs to execute a fitness routine is some floorspace, a laptop / mobile / TV and some guidance. Digital has dominated our lives in these times and that is exactly where we seek expert guidance. 

Whether it is stretching, yoga, low intensity interval training, high intensity interval training, pilates, bodybuilding and so on; there are online experts for every type of exercise. We have culled a list of 9 fitness platforms who have huge following on their online accounts and can be trusted when it comes to talking guidance to get fit.

Choose whichever suits you the best and give it a try. And remember the magic of 21 days. Continue working out for at least 21 days. The progress might further motivate you to carry out the work routine as a regular task. 

  1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler, based out of Austin Texas, is an international yoga teacher for more than 15 years. She is also an actress, entrepreneur, and a writer. She started her mission to provide yoga as a tool for emotional, mental and physical health with her YouTube channel ‘Yoga with Adriene’. Since then she has garnered 9.7+ million subscribers and is equally popular across social media platforms.

We recommend the 30 day ‘Home’ course designed especially for at home yoga. 

Her content focuses on a variety of causes; ranging from weight loss to sweat inducing poses to curing anxiety or migraine. The content on her channel is absolutely free. It is designed in a way that you can measure progress as you keep working out as directed by her.


If you are looking out for some intense workout with gaining strength as the primary objective, head straight to While the content is not limited to strength training but is majorly effective for resistance training. The channel covers every aspect of building muscle and caters to audiences ranging from beginner to advanced. It also brings in professional bodybuilders and IFBB pros to share expert tips for fitness fans.

Adding to the utility peg, the channel also uploads details about nutrition and supplement along with super healthy protein rich recipes. So, check it now and decide if this is the fitness destination you were looking for.   

3.  Popsugar Fitness

A fitness content aggregator, brought to us by Group Nine media, provides workout videos from celebrity trainers and fitness experts. It democratises trending exercise content that is otherwise carried out by hollywood celebs and famous fitness personalities.  The channel has garnered over 5.3 million subscribers since its inception in 2010.

Browse through their content and go for the workout that your favourite celebs choose to stay fit and strong.

   4.   Fitness Blender

This is a go-to channel for anyone looking out for any sort of exercise regime. Daniel and Kelli, a husband and wife team with 25+ years of experience, have created more than 600+ workout videos since 2010. Over 6.5 million people are subscribers to this channel. It provides unbiased, gimmic-free health, nutrition and workout information to its audience.

The videos are completely free, precise, user friendly and super value for your time. You won’t be bothered by any content outside fitness. From beginner to advanced, the couple showcases a variety of exercise routines. You can go through their content and take up whatever suits best to your goals.

   5.   Livestrong Women

Exclusive for women, this platform shares workout videos, healthy recipes and also hosts interesting exercise challenges which keep you motivated. Their content library promises to be your personal guide to becoming a better and healthier You.

Their interesting approach is to create a sustainable fitness process that includes small daily exercises in your routine. This must, then, be followed by choosing your picks from a wide variety of other workout videos.

   6.  Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines has been in the space of providing online fitness guidance since 2012 and has become a fitness sensation amongst the women community since the past couple of years. She believes that everyone deserves to feel great about themselves. And she is on a mission to provide ways to build that confidence.

She has a huge following on Instagram – 12.8 million followers and a large subscriber base on YouTube. You must tune in to her channel if you are looking for minimal equipment cardio and strength training exercises. 

   7.   CureFit

Most of the people who logged into online fitness sessions during lockdown due to the first wave of COVID in 2020 must be aware of Cure Fit. It offered amazing at-home workouts with fitness experts and celebrity guests.

The platform focuses on becoming better everyday. It provides a wholesome solution to overall health. With Mind Fit (mental health), Eat Fit (healthy recipes) and Cult Fit (focussed workout content), you can browse this channel, download its app and start your journey to becoming a Fit You.

   8.  Blogilates

Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates, has been around in this field for 10+ years. She has over 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Your search for a perfect fitness expert ends at Blogilates if you are looking for some Pilates inspired at-home workout with almost no equipment.

   9.   P.volve

P.volve is a recent phenomenon with 23,000+ subscribers on YouTube. It showcases innovative fitness methods to strengthen and sculpt your body. They use a prehab approach to enhance your mobility, flexibility and balance and generate sustainable fitness results. Unlike many, this channel focuses on toning style workouts. 

It is possible to get in shape, at home, without spending a few grand. All that you have to do is go through the available channels, choose the one that inspires you and make sure you follow it for at least a month. And we are sure that the one month at home progress will be a huge factor to keep you motivated. 


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