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9 At Home Date Night Outfit Ideas

May 4, 2021

Maintaining a romantic relationship is a job full of efforts. There are only so many relationships which flow, without any effort. Couples meet, exchange gifts, affirm each other and most importantly, spend time with each other. But in today’s time, the privilege of wearing the right date night outfit, meeting, seeing and touching one another is lost for thousands and lakhs of couples out there. As a result of stay at home orders, date nights are now on Zoom, brunch togetherness on a Teams meeting and movie hang out on Rave. And couples are making constant efforts to keep the spark alive in their relationship.


This sort of long distance relationship is a scenario no one ever imagined or asked for. Yet, to keep the flame burning, tech savvy people are resorting to virtual dates. And while it’s really cozy and comfortable to be tucked in your regular PJ sets, a mesmerising date night outfit can be that perfect boost to your relationship. After all, your significant other loves the decked up you since the pre-virus era. So, to make the choice easier, we have culled a list of 9 quintessential at home date night outfit ideas for you. Take a look and we bet that each of it is inspirational enough to leave your date with wide heart eyes. 


  1. A Slip Dress

An option that is the perfect combination of sexy and comfortable – a classic slip dress. A delicate date night outfit which oozes glamour.

  • Styling Tip:

Tie a messy bun and don a pair of drop earrings. Or keep you hair open and accessorise it with a layered necklace

 Date night slip dress, open hair, black dress, open hair, earrings

    2.  A Maxi Dress

A chic date night outfit idea which is admirably sexy and shows the right amount of skin. Opt a classic rust orange satin sheen maxi dress or go for a tropical print strappy maxi dress.

  • Styling Tip :

Accessorise it with contemporary tasselled drop earrings and wear an attractive red wine lipstick shade.

at home date night outfit, tropical print, maxi dress, earrings, black, floral

3.  An LBD

And the famous and most convenient option of all times! The Little Black Dress. Moreover, you can never go wrong with an LBD. Don this beautiful date night outfit and thank us later!

  • Styling Tip :

Open hair, a black crochet choker and deep red nail lacquer. You are amazing to go!

little black dress, date night, open hair, sleeveless black dress, black dress

4.  A Chic Jumpsuit

Do away with the struggle of deciding what to wear with what. Because here is a saviour – The Jumpsuit. Pick a stylish jumpsuit, deck up and accept that zoom meeting invite set for 8 pm. In addition, be assured that this is one of your most sophisticated date night outfit choices.

  • Styling Tip :

Tie a slicked back pony and add a pair of beaded circular drop earrings to complete the look.

embellished jumpsuit, pony tail, drop earrings, chic jumpsuit, date night outfit idea

5.  A Skin Fit Denim & Lace Blouse 

We all have at least one lace top in our collection of clothes. An underrated fashion essential, this piece is a stunning date night outfit choice. So search your closet, pick out that beautiful lace top from the pile and wear it on top of a fitted denim.

  • Styling Tip:

Tie a textured ponytail and wear a pair of classic bauble hoop studs

peach lace top, studs, hoop studs, earrings, white denim, open hair, white handbag

6.  An Off Shoulder Dress / Top

It is given that your virtual date will be on one of the online meeting platforms; FaceTime, Skype, Zoom,Teams or even a WhatsApp video call. More importantly, your date will see you from the chest up. It means that you call royally pull off a flattering off shoulder outfit. May it be a ravishing pink sheath satin off shoulder dress or a dapper red smocked top.

  • Styling Tip:

Add to the sex appeal by accessorising the outfit with big silver minimal hoops. 

off shoulder dress, pink dress, white bag, earrings, necklace, ponytail

7.  A Matching Co-ord Set

Save your time to style and go for this flirty co-ord set from Zara. It will make a strong fashion statement and requires minimal styling effort. In addition, this date night outfit will exude the right amount of confidence and romance for your Zoom date.

  • Styling Tip:

Go for an open, straight hair look with a soothing lipstick shade like Twig from MAC.

zara, green, coord, open hair, flats


8.  A Mini Skirt and Halter Neck Top

Nothing is sexier than a cute little mini skirt. And in this weather a comfy floral printed mini skirt that can be rightly paired with a halter neck top. Go for this combo and you will look beautifully comfortable while showing off some extra skin on your date night.

  • Styling Tip:

Accessorise your outfit with this elegant pair of golden dangler earrings.

mini skirt, black top, earrings, sandals, open hair, sleeveless, short skirt

9.  A T-Shirt Dress

Yet another comfortable date night outfit which is glamorous at the same time is a t-shirt dress. Check out this sexy cotton shirt dress from Zara. It is an appealing date night outfit and would look more beautiful in a brightly lit room.

  • Styling Tip:

Tie your hair with a printed silk scarf or oversized beige scrunchies. Don a pair of pearl studs and you are good to go.

tshirt dress, olive dress, silk scarf, zara

In conclusion, we all know that living in isolation has changed the way we dress up. The normal habit of getting ready and walking put of home is not normal now. We wake up, get ready and put ourselves into super comfy homewear. But jazz up your relationship with an interesting date and choose one of these feel-good outfits. Enjoy a sumptuous meal with your loved one and keep the flame of your relationship alive. Happy Zooming 🙂



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