7 Movies Every Woman Must Watch

January 6, 2020

“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” 

Audrey Hepburn

Movies cut across people from all walks of life and content that strikes a chord is always worth the watch. I have been a movie buff and watching amazing content makes my day.  Do you also treasure beautiful content in and recall it in real-life situations? 

While there are a number of soul-stirring pieces of content, I am listing down seven movies which every woman should watch. Whatever your mood be, pick any of these and I bet you will feel uplifted at the end of it.

  • Million Dollar Baby

This 2004 Oscar-winning movie is highly recommended for anyone who wants to keep working towards their goal. The movie features Frankie – an unappreciated boxer who makes up for his mistakes by training Maggie to become a boxer who eventually tops the charts. Maggie is a waitress from Missouri who regularly endures emotional turbulence because of her selfish family but is determined to achieve her goal.

She finally convinces Frankie to train her and up next in the movie is a beautiful depiction of how she stays fearless to achieve her goal, believes in her trainer and makes decisions which set her apart as a winner who rose to fame with all these qualities.  

Interesting fact: MDB is one of the two boxing movies which won ‘Best Picture’ Academy Award. The first one is ‘Rocky’ (1976)


  • Queen

This movie is surely gonna rule your heart. The protagonist ‘Rani’ is super excited to get married to the love of her life but what happens next takes her through a journey of self-awakening. Gift yourself the time to watch this movie as the jilted bride goes alone for her honeymoon! She takes charge, travels, makes new friends, cries hard, parties harder, lives every moment of her trip and gets to know a little more about herself at every moment.

She beautifully teaches us that it’s good to love your friends and family but it is great to love who you are and stand for your own self.

Interesting fact: The movie won 6 awards at the 60th Filmfare ceremony.

  • Frozen

Frozen is a visually stunning animated movie which showcases an incredible journey of an Ice Princess. The Oscar-winning Disney movie also had beautiful music to get hooked on to. The story follows the journey of royal sisters Anna and Elsa who get separated due to the superpowers of the heir to their throne – Princess Elsa. 

They teach us to not give up on anyone we love. There will be hardships, there will be a struggle and our internal battles might come in between our most cherished relationships but its the unconditional love between people which keeps the bond alive forever!

Interesting fact: This movie won the ‘Best Animated Feature Film’ Oscar award in 2013.

  • Gone with the wind

This is one of the best must-watch English movies for women. The film shows the life of Scarlett O’Hara whose life is aspirationally perfect but the Civil War impacts her quintessential life and put her through trials.

People around her accept life as it comes and settles for jobs that facilitate avoiding their victorious enemy. However, Scarlett makes friends with the Yankee clan whom she dislikes to the core of her heart. Her perspective towards life and living life through situations will surely captivate you. She makes her path through the turmoil, excels in the male-dominated world and teaches us how to make the best out of circumstances by not succumbing to the negative forces around us.

Interesting fact: A total of 16 different writers crafted the final screenplay of the movie which took them over two years.

  • Margarita with a Straw

Bollywood had not widely spoken about Sexuality until recent times. This Shonali Bose’s movie highlights the life of Laila who suffers from cerebral palsy, is bisexual and does her best to take control of her life.

The story gracefully depicts Laila’s journey of self-discovery and how she successfully paves her journey from Delhi to New York despite moments of struggle. It reminds us of the fact that everyone has sexual desires and it’s completely normal for a human to explore their sexual urges. The movie also depicts an interesting yet emotional bond between her and Revathy (Laila’s Mom). The title a literal execution in the film where Laila enjoys an alcoholic drink for the first time, all by herself. 

Interesting fact: Kalki’s role is based on Shonali Bose’s cousin Malini who has Cerebral Palsy and wished to put it on the global map. 


  • Monalisa Smile

The film is set up in 1953 when education for women was more of a social asset than a necessity.

Katherine is an Art History teacher at Wellesley College who encourages to have an identity other than marriage. She is surrounded by students who consider marriage as their last destination and are set to get married during or after college. 

This movie gives the audience a unique perspective, showcases the value of dignity, courage and the importance of having a purpose in life. It can be relevant to a certain segment of India where women are bound by the social norms and are conditioned to live in ways which society has defined for them. 

Interesting fact: To prepare for her role in the film, Julia Roberts observed History classes at New York University.


  • Highway

This movie is perfect for times when the world around you seems tough and it’s difficult to cope up with an unavoidable void. Highway is a movie with a soul that unconventionally reflects how people struggle to live a ‘normal’ life amidst instances of trauma and mistrust.

Veera feels suffocated with the extravagant wedding preparations and sets out to go for a ride with her reluctant fiancee. In an unfortunate series of events, she gets abducted by Mahabir and gang. The journey that follows next is a raw depiction of how different people deal differently with childhood trauma, how incidents of the past shape one’s personality, how love is simply the acceptance of the other soul and how true love inspires you to be the best version of your own self. 

It is also a must-watch for the music, A.R. Rahman has done utter justice to every song in the film. 

Interesting fact: The film did not have a script! Imtiaz Ali travelled to different locations and wrote the script during the journey. 


HerVerve Says: Wrapping up a few good movies drives me to watch more. Check out another list of highly recommended Hollywood and Bollywood movies.


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