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7 Lockdown Styles you must own this year!

May 24, 2020

Whether you are toasting bread in the kitchen or listening to The Rudest Book Ever on audible , or whether you are busy with a 45-minute workout session. You are actually sporting a look for each and every activity throughout the day. And feeling good about our own fashion statement is as important during lockdown as it is during the normal days. So, having the right lockdown style seems important. 


Fashion in this lockdown season has taken a new meaning altogether. Comfort has become the key and staying comfortably stylish is the new way of fashion. The global coronavirus pandemic has changed how we dress up for the day. Pyjamas are our new best friends but somewhere we all know that we demand a little space from these cuddly pyjamas. Looking at the best of ourselves boosts our confidence and dressing up for different activities while being at home is as important as it has always been.


After getting so comfortable in loungewear, will we be able to get back to the way we used to dress earlier or is dressing up going to be more extreme than ever once things get back to the new ‘normal’ ? We never know. But we do know that this lockdown should not bring our morale down, let’s keep up the spirits and dress like a diva. So what’s if it is inside the house, don these amazing lockdown styles which will definitely light up your day :

Online office meeting

Every office person out there is on zoom attending calls with a number of colleagues. While pyjamas have become our all time favourite amidst this lockdown, coming across as a well dressed professional can’t be ignored. It still is as important as it has always been. The good part is that you now have the liberty to tweak the professional look with some comfort. Try pairing a comfy jacket with your desired pair of shorts to beat the heat and simultaneously look like an elegant professional for that 2 pm zoom call. 


For an evening stroll

     The days have become longer than ever and we aren’t constrained to stay in a room for a meeting or inside the room for a lecture. We actually have the time and freedom to take a short break from the regular schedule to look out and watch the sunset. Walking at the terrace or balcony is an add – on. And these evening strolls would look more beautiful with a more confident You! Pair a pair of chic dhoti pants with a solid white tee or a shirt as you walk while listening to your favourite music or rock the look while enjoying a cup of tea as you watch the sunset, reading your favourite novel and hearing the birds chirp. 



We know you love to keep yourself in shape. It is tough to take out time given the schedule and how we feel these days. But go on! Choose the right time and work out for as long as you like. May it be a strength session or just twirling around on some of your favourite songs, sport a pair of black tights with a training t-shirt and shed those extra calories while being at home during this lockdown. Do not forget to put your shoes on! 

Household chores

Everyone is staying safe at home and we are supposed to do all household chores on our own. Baking banana cake, while wearing a long shirt, in the kitchen or mopping the floors before starting with office work would have never seemed so comfortably cool. These are unprecedented times, let’s spend these in style and feel happy about ourselves.


For a video call with BFFs

And here comes the time to chill! The world hasn’t stopped and so haven’t gossips. And you are lucky to have your best friends listen to you and share things with you over a Whatsapp con call. Admit it – one of you keeps running her fingers through her hair the whole time you all are on call. And it’s fun to deck up for a virtual hang out as well. Try out a  super cool neon tee and pair it with… pyjamas? Because, who cares!?


Bath Robes 

Finally, you have nowhere to rush to once you are done bathing. You can just lie down in a comfortable bathrobe and pamper yourself with body care essentials. It’s been days since you paid attention to completely take care of yourself. You might want to try it out now.


Good Night Sleep 

The day goes by and we keep doing a lot of stuff from personal to professional. Adjusting to so much new around, keeping up with everything that is going on is a commendable job and you are doing it every day. After a tiring day, you can just put on a cosy sleepsuit and sleep like a queen!


Fashion will never be out of fashion! And life is too short to wear boring clothes. We are sure you would slay all day in these trendy lockdown styles. Stay home, stay safe, stay fashionable!


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