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6 Types of Footwear Every Woman Should Definitely Own

May 11, 2020

Beautiful footwear is every girl’s fashion treasure and pairing up the right shoe with a given dress gives a woman an unmatched fashiongasm. Elegant footwear not only enhances one’s style but also enriches walkability; may it be an open-toe flat, a slider, a stiletto, pumps, ballerinas, wedges, sneakers, mojris, flip flops, sandals, lace-up heels, boots, sports shoes, oxfords, mules… the list goes on.


Yet, are there times when you realize that you are missing out on that one open toe stiletto which would perfectly go with the skirt you just bought? But alas, you ain’t have any! Here is a quick take through to know the essential types of footwear. These would cover all your activities from a morning run, walking for a meeting, partying with friends, strolling the beach to shopping at a supermart and so much more.

  1. Flats

Flats are undeniably the most comfortable and fashionable footwear. From western, ethnic, party to formals, you can wear a suitable pair of flats with any attire. Pair a graceful one with your outfit and walk like a diva. Take a look at these:

Flats come in a huge number of designs and a vast variety of patterns, you just have to pick the ones you love. 

 2. Heels

Suitable for both casual and formal occasions there is a wide array of heels that you could own. The right type of heels enhance the shape of your legs, make your look sophisticated and you walk effortlessly glamorous. 


A couple of heels are a must for your shoe closet preferably one dark shade which would go with a sari, long dress, a pair of denims, short dress or ethnic wear.

3. Sport Shoes

If you love to stay fit and active and have an existing workout routine or are planning to start soon, you must own a good pair of sport shoes. Paired with the right activewear, sports shoes look both stylish and fit. You can choose from a range of shoes with varied utility 


It is advisable to choose the right quality shoes, most importantly quality sole, which you would use for any physical activity may it be workout, sports, jogging, gymming, or walking.

4. Casual Shoes

Wearing the right casual shoes with an outfit is an art. We have seen celebrities sporting casual shoes admirably well and say it or not, it is one style that all of us wish to carry. The popularity of this type of footwear has made designers rethink and brands bring attractive casual shoes in the market. Check out these :


5. Flip Flops

Who stays decked up all the time? We all need comfort and at times we wish to walk around freely without the ‘glamour’ constraint and still look elegant. Flip flops are the most intelligent choice for such a vibe. 



  • Yellow Super Dry pair is an excellent choice for the evening meet up with your gang


  • And these Crocs t strap flip flops are apt for any weather. You can trust these always, especially during monsoons. 

6. Boots

Boots! One of the most underrated but the most classy footwear a woman should own. Most suitable for specific weather conditions, boots can fire up your look like no other type of footwear if worn with the right outfit. 

Are there quite a few pairs of footwear that you still need?

Go on, make a wish list of all the shoes you need as per your lifestyle, and bring them to your shoe closet because life is too short to not own the sexiest shoes.

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