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5 Must Watch Hollywood Movies | Her Verve Choice

January 26, 2020

Hollywood has given us some exquisites pieces of content, made by creative geniuses and which have the potential to change our outlook towards life!

Here is a list of five such timeless masterpieces which you must watch at least once in your lifetime :

This is the top-rated IMDb movie starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, and other celebrated actors. The story depicts conversations amongst men in prison without any action or special effects. Revolving around the experiences of a successful banker Andy Dufresne (Robbins) who was imprisoned for a crime which he actually did not commit, his ways of dealing with the new life while befriending fellow prisoners especially Ellis ‘Red’ Redding  (Freeman); this movie is a must watch.


Interesting Fact: The film did not perform well on the box office but is one of the highest-grossing video rentals till date. 

This movie is a visual rollercoaster that plays with your mind, presents a new take on life and ends with a climax that is a little too unique to register. It’s the story of Norton – an insomniac who is a slave to worldly possessions and visits self-help centers to deal with his sleeping issues. He then meets Tyler – a soap salesman and starts living with him because of a fire accident that happens at his place. The series of events that follow next are mind-blowing and worth a watch.


Interesting Fact : Brad Pitt’s remuneration for the movie was seven times than his co-stars!

Almost shot in a single room, the movie shows 12 jurors have come together to give the final verdict for a complex case. It took one jury holdout to make the entire group relook the series of events of the case in hand. The movie beautifully portrays intense discussions to reach the final decision and how the experiences of every individual bring in a different perspective throughout the movie. This movie is highly recommended for the superlative acting.


Interesting Fact : The rehearsals of the movie took as much time as the actual film.


A masterpiece of Christopher Nolan’s film making, this movie should also be watched for Leonardo Di Caprio’s fine acting skills. It depicts the story of Dom Cobb (Di Caprio) who is a professional thief and steals the idea of various business tycoons by infiltrating their subconscious. While practicing his skill, he is haunted by the memory of his late wife who creates chaos in Cobb’s ‘missions’. The movie took an interesting turn when he is assigned a new job where his task was to plant a new idea rather than stealing one.


Interesting Fact: Nolan was very sure of casting Leonardo in the lead role and therefore the rest of the actors were chosen to complement him.



An outstanding gangster movie, The Godfather also portrays a beautiful family portrait. A timeless masterpiece, its story revolves around the Corleone family and their experiences with the society. Its a sequel is so beautifully made that it seamlessly connects to the first one. 



Interesting Fact: The movie was originally supposed to have an intermission but to avoid loss of the movie’s momentum, it was scrapped. 



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