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5 Effective Ways To Remove A Permanent Tattoo

March 16, 2020

“Ughh, I don’t like it anymore!” 


“It could’ve been better!”


Do these things strike your mind as soon as you look at the tattoo on your body? 


Well, if your response to this is yes, you are surely on the right page then. All the ‘not-so-proud’ owners of that regrettable tattoo stain, here’s a huge shout out to you. We relate to you totally! 

Something that seemed to be a wise and lovely decision in the past now appears to be the one taken in haste. Unfortunately, most of us have been a part of this grind. 


While many choose to regret that impulsive decision and continue living with it anyway, there are others who decide to bid farewell to it. 


On that note, mentioned below are five practical ways via which you can get them removed. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind with respect to it. And, the same are as follows.

Things to keep in mind before getting a tattoo removed


Do you know the worst part about getting a permanent tattoo? They’re permanent.

And, the next worst thing about them is getting them removed is a hell lot of pain. In fact, it hurts even more than it did while actually getting them! 


Along these lines, here are a few essential things you must keep in mind before getting a permanent tattoo removed. 

  1. They might leave scars behind.
  2. The process is lengthy. That said, it can take weeks and even months.
  3. Getting a tattoo removed can be expensive.
  4. It does have its side-effects.

How to remove a permanent tattoo?

Now that you’re aware of the key stumbling blocks that you might (or not) have to face, let’s directly jump into the different ways of the removal of your permanent tattoo.


#1. Laser Treatment 


As soon as one talks about getting a permanent tattoo removed, the first thing that comes to mind is a laser treatment. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and probably one of the most effective ways to remove the permanent tattoo. 

As the name suggests, in this treatment, powerful lasers break the ink of the tattoo into tiny fragments, which then dissolve into the skin on their own. As the ink gets deposited into every layer of the skin, the laser penetrates in it to break up the pigments, which are further disposed of by the body. 


While it is one of the safest methods of permanent tattoo removal with less or no chances of scarring, it is time-consuming and a bit too heavy on the pocket. It takes somewhere around 3 to 10 sessions for your tattoo’s complete removal, and the price for the same lies between INR 50,000- INR 1, 00,000.


Besides, the exposed skin has to facial redness and swelling after each session for the next 3-4 days, and the overall process is pretty painful. 


Please note that if you opt for laser treatment, make sure to get in touch with the best and most reputed dermatologist.  


#2. Tattoo Removal Creams

Yes, you read that, right! 

There are numerous tattoo removal creams available in the market today. And, for your sake, we have listed them down. 


1. Profade Three-Step Action 


As the name suggests, there are three steps to tattoo removal with this cream. In fact, there are three creams that do the task for you. While the first cream prepares your skin for the removal process, the second one initiates it. The third and final cream helps in the elimination. Use them, and you’re done! 


2. Inked Up Tattoo Removal Cream

If you’re looking for something that’s 100% safe and natural, Inked Up Tattoo removal cream is your best bet. The product is scientifically tested and makes the tattoo removal process less painful and satisfactory. Go ahead with this one, and you’ll be surprised by the results.  

3. Wrecking Balm

Wrecking balm is yet another permanent tattoo removal method. Although it is safe and effective, it makes the overall process tad bit lengthy. It would be best if you were rather diligent with its application as it works slowly. So much so that it sometimes takes up to 6 months for the complete removal of your tattoo. 


#3. Aloe Vera Gel 


Natural remedies are not far behind in this race of permanent tattoo removal. As we all know how aloe vera gel has soothing properties, so it’s really safe and beneficial for the skin. 

Squeeze some aloe vera gel in a bowl and mix two capsules of Vitamin E and Paederia Tomentosa. Stir them well and make a thick paste. Once done, apply it on the tattoo for a while, until it turns dry and then rinses it with warm water.


P.S. Repeat the process several times in a day to achieve the best results. 


#4. Lemon


Well, thanks to its acidic nature and presence of Vitamin C that ease the tattoo removal process slightly. All you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice in a bowl and mix approximately 100 grams of salt with it. 


Once done, apply the mixture on your tattoo and massage well for around 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. The scar will lighten gradually. 


On the other hand, if you don’t want to mix salt with, you can opt for Vitamin C tablets. Mix them with lemon juice and apply to the area. Keep rubbing until the skin dries up.


#5. Salt Scrub


Did you know salt is one of the best skin exfoliators? 


Well, on that note, using a salt scrub exfoliates the skin and helps remove the pigmentation of the tattoo. Just rub onto your skin 2-3 times in a day, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure not to hurt your skin. 


While this is one of the most effective home remedies for permanent tattoo removal, one must keep in mind that it is time-consuming too. It might take six months to one year until the tattoo fades away. So, keeping up with hard work is the key here! 


These are some of the cosmetic and natural yet effective ways to remove a permanent tattoo from your skin. You are requested to weigh the pros and cons of each one and pick the most suitable one for yourself accordingly. Once you do, do let us know how well did these work out for you!  

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