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3 Ways to Style a White Buttonless Oversized Formal Shirt | HerVerve Tips

May 5, 2020

Hey, guys welcome to another fashion blog post.

Summer is here! and so is the time to wear those bright colored apparel. Isn’t it! 

This season is always one of my favorites since I get to wear bright summer outfits.

What are your thoughts about white-colored apparel in summers?

In my opinion, no matter you wear a white-colored dress, shirt, or top casually or drape it as a clubwear. 

With this blog, I’ll be going to share 3 different and smart ways to style a white buttonless oversized formal shirt. 

And you’re going to love it! I have also clicked the pictures of all three styles (so that you understand it better). 

Let’s begin!

Ok so this shirt which I actually found from my mom’s wardrobe, so thought of styling it in distinct ways

So there are three different styles:


Wore it as a one-piece and styled it with black boots and used a belt to compile it and to give it a fancy look😍

Now, isn’t it a perfect clubwear guys! Whether you’re going for a brunch or a date at night; this combination of an oversized white shirt and the light boot is going to rock. 

Note: You can put a belt with a big buckle also. It would help you gain that sassy look!



Wore white cami top inside the shirt and styled up with my vintage check pants (which I am totally in love with)🥺😍

Also, you can add decent jewellery with this look like a simple neckpiece or hoops in ears or whatever you like to wear😋.

I didn’t wear any piece because I was nailing the look without it. Isn’t it? (Don’t you dare say no!😋)

Note: I highly recommend you to have one such vintage check pants, they’re quite attractive and on most days, they will be your savior pants. 


Last but not the least!!

This Look with Oversized White Shirt is my personal favorite. 😍

I really liked the whole vibe of this outfit: Classy, Sexy, and DISTINCTIVE.

I paired it with my brown wide-leg pants from shein. White tube top which is again from shein and wore an elegant neckpiece (choker)to give it the royal look.😍

Bdw, I got that choker from my mom’s jewelry box😛

That’s all guys these are the three styles that I tried with this Oversized white shirt of mine.

I hope you guys like it 🙂 

Please let me know in the comment section which look/style you liked the most?

And do not miss to share your looks and styles with me on my Instagram! Let’s do Twinning!


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