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15 Rachel Green Looks You Must Definitely Own

May 9, 2021
Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Green, denim vest, open hair

Rachel Green – the funny and spirited character of the popular sitcom; FRIENDS is a celebrated fashion icon till date! Even though the show was aired in the 90s, she has always been a source of fashion inspiration for almost all the women out there. Classy or cool, fun or funky, royal or reckless, sporty or sexy – the woman donned each and every look with so much grace. Something that every woman wishes for. And so, we have curated, top 15 Rachel Green looks you must definitely own. Check out how she paired different pieces of clothing, flawlessly accessorised the look and walked like a diva; every single day!

Also considering how trends have come around again, every single item in this list is going to totally work today. Take a look at these most memorable and timeless outfits that the actress wore during the show. Pick any of these and your look for the day will have just one word – Stylish!

1. Crop Top

Crop tops are trending for the last few years now. Who knew? Rachel’s all time favourite casual outfit was supposed to come back this way – with a bang! The blue denim paired with a heart printed black crop top and that cap makes the look distinctive yet sassy. And the crop denim vest which made fashionistas’ jaws drop even in those times is a clothing piece that women look out for, till today, to complete their wardrobe.



Denim overalls are so adorable! Since childhood to the time one can carry them. Pairing it with a striped t-shirt or layering over a camisole, style it the way you want. An attire apt for summers but not limited to the season. We have seen Rachel walking around donning this perfect summer dress. And if looking at her makes us feel so comfortable, imagine how incredibly comfortable you would feel once you wear it.


3. Slip Dress

Rachel has a skill which we call the Layering technique. She very well understood what to layer under and over what. Overalls, mini skirts, open shirts, jackets, slip dresses. And ladies, the t-shirt under slip dress look that you glamorously don today is what Rachel brought to us in the 90s. You can also choose a comfortable at – home soothing slip dress or a sexy outdoor option for an evening hangout.


4. White

One of the three colours that can never ever, ever disappoint any woman – White. The show’s first episode features Rachel in a beautiful white wedding dress. Well, she came a long way from that day to the day she wore a professional white suit while working at Ralph Lauren. Choose any of her white looks – a sweetheart neck top, a crop top, a white shirt. Pair the top with a plaid skirt or go for a complete white suit, we bet you will slay it the way she did on the show.


5. Mini Skirt

The cutest piece of clothing since decades, a mini skirt, was donned by Rachel like a diva. May it be a romantic moment with Ross or a fun cheerleading dance show at home, Rachel looked sexy and cute in every mini skirt outfit she wore. And its the perfect season to recreate her iconic looks. Choose the one you like and shine like a star.


6. Turtleneck

A neckline pattern that enhances the look of the entire attire – turtleneck. Rachel is seen wearing classy and subdued turtleneck tops which we would love to wear today. It adds to the glamour and makes you look a little more serious than you actually are. So lady, if you are having a dull day or feeling low about not being heard, pick out that turtleneck and give a look that will make the other person listen to you.


7. Monochromes

Way before monochrome became mainstream, Rachel slayed monochromes like a queen. And the unique choice of colours made the look richer than ever. The soothing mint green, royal burgundy, professional cool blue and so many more once you watch the show (again!) for it. For a start, pick your favourite monochromes from the closet and have a splendid Rachel Green fashion day.


8. Plaids

Since the start of the show, Rachel is shown wearing a lot of plaids. In fact, in the initial days she is all about plaids. May it be skirts, dresses or pants. The complete attire make a statement, looks fun and her simple up-do puts the focus squarely on the clothes.


9. Front Knot Shirt

Yet another super celebrated style that Rachel managed to look cute in, in the 90s – Front Knotted Shirts. In addition to the cool style, you can pair it with literally any bottom or even layer it over a slip dress for a virtual date night.


10. Denim

Need some inspiration about wearing your denim, right? Check out Rachel’s color, fit and pairing choices. Yes! we are in awe too. Only she and you can make that ‘+’ sign look so cool on a t-shirt when paired with the right denim.


11. Animal Print

Have you always fancied animal prints? Wear it like Rachel! May it be a loud and clear leopard print or a subtle one, if you style it right. It is gonna look perfect. And the cherry to the animal print looks is, the less popular yet charming cow print. Check out, here, an option that you can own.


12. LBD

Talking about a fashion diva and her style. How can the popular Little Black Dress not be apart of this conversation? Moreover, the times when she wears these really gorgeous black dresses. A casual apparel at central perk or while displaying the collection to customers at Ralph Lauren. The way Rachel wears the entire ensemble is totally enviable.


13. Suits

The way Rachel styled professional suits made those look trendy and chic at the same time. Try styling your professional attire oin Rachel style and you might not feel stuck in your office wear.


14. Joggers

Make your comfy sportswear look stylish like Rachel. The habit of wearing comfortable joggers for fitness routines has now changed. With the whole staying at home scenario, almost all of us are in comfy joggers pretty much all the time. Time to feel good about it, again 🙂 Pair a striped jogger with your fav sleeveless tee and get Rachel’s look for the day.


15. Boots

As Rachel’s career in fashion industry got more serious, the fashion quotient grew higher and higher. And boots were the most important addition to those magnificent looks.


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