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10 Ways to Style a Scarf

February 16, 2020

A scarf is a classic accessory that goes with any outfit you choose. It is the only piece of clothing that promises to be on your side and never makes you struggle with fit issues! Whatever be your look for the day, a stylishly tied scarf is surely gonna add to its beauty. It is easy to tie and also looks great.

Do you also wish to add it to your look today but do not know how to go ahead with it? We have culled a list of 10 styling options suitable for various occasions.

  1. Belted Cape 

This style is apt if you want to have a different look but are not feeling like making a lot of effort for it. Pick your favorite long scarf, a broad belt and tie it like a cape. Pair it up with a jegging or skinny denim and chic footwear for the complete look.



2. Basket Weave


Tying a scarf as a basket weave looks super elegant with monochrome outfits. It looks complicated but is actually easy to tie. Fold the scarf in half and drape around the neck, pull both the ends through the loop in opposite directions and, adjust as desired and it’s done!  



3. Kimono Cover-Up


Perfect to wear in pleasant weather, this style is an easy peasy. Turn your long scarf into a kimono by tying its corners in double knots to form a dapper shrug.    



4. Waist Belt


We find this as one of the most innovative ways to use an exquisite scarf. It suits best with a long dress, a skirt, and a tee or denim and a tee pair. 



5. Slip Knot


Slip knot – the most classic way to tie a scarf. This pattern is evergreen and is used at some point in time by anyone and everyone who loves to wear scarves. Fold the scarf in half, drape around the neck and pull both the end through the loop and you are ready with a great style!



6. Flyaway Vest


Colorful patterned scarves come into ultimate use as we move to summers. Wear it over any outfit as a vest and style the look for a cool aura. 



7. Beach Cover Up


A long scarf acts as an ultimate fashionable beach cover-up. It’s super easy and goes well over all sorts of beachwear. All you have to do is – Wrap the scarf around your back horizontally, Twist two ends of the scarf at the front and then bring the twisted ends to the back to tie in a knot.



8. Low Knot


This suits best for a professional look. Wear it under a blazer or over a shirt to make your regular office wear look even more stylish.









9. Classic DoubleWrap


This is the simplest way to wear a scarf. It looks stylish, is easy to carry and goes with every outfit.









10. Infinity Scarf


Bingo! You can wear a regular scarf as an infinity scarf as well. First tie both its ends, bring the knot behind the neck, cross one side of the scarf over the other and bring the front loop behind the neck. Adjust the length of both the loops as desired.  



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